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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

Basic Info

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Wednesday, Bi-weekly (GMT+8)

  • Option #1: Use Zoom (Recommend using microphone and headset)
  • Option #2: Dial in with the phone number. E.g., 400 669 9381 or 010-87833177 (Premium Toll) for China area, code is 248676399.

Antitrust Policy Notice

On-duty Chair: Zhenhua Zhao


Feel free to add ur name here to attend the meeting.


  1. TSC meetings sync

    1. TSC is planing the annual election:, TWGC will collect members (criteria TBD) Zhenhua Zhao Jay Guo Scott Long 
    2. Hyperledger Besu Proposal
    3. Maintainer Summit October 8-10, 2019
  2. Team development and Innovation (@Dijun Liu Zhangjiong Xuan , David Liu )

  3. Team i18n and Education (lidong guo )

    1. i18n work guideline

    2. Documentation translation progress

    3. Zhenhua Zhao created the Multi-Language Documentation.
    4. Training and Certificate for Fabric (Scott Long )
  4. Team Collaboration and Scenarios (Dorothy Cheng Scott Long ) 

  5. Team Event Organization (Jay Guo , Zhenhua Zhao )

    1. Meetup guideline

    2. Every meetup please be placed at the Team Event Organization
    3. Meetups for August.

      1. Chengdu, August 17th: speakers from E-visible, Baidu, 9broad, net-secure

      2. Shanghai: TBD
      3. Beijing, August 26 (tentative)


attendees: 43 max

  1. TSC
    1. TSC is planning the annual election, TWGC will solicit list of local voters (Zhenhua Zhao will start with translators)
    2. LF helps preparing a wechat article to propagate info (Scott Long)
  2. i18n
    1. set up fabric-docs repo under Hyperledger-lab, which will replicate fabric docs in En (Jay Guo)
    2. investigate github ↔ transifex automation (Zhenhua Zhao)
    3. investigate sign-off legal impact (Baohua Yang )
  3. Education
    1. training and certificate (Scott Long sends out url to group)
  4. Team collaboration and scenarios
    1. global Forum, Mar 2019, Phoenix AZ
    2. materials from member summit (post-meeting communications Dorothy Cheng)
    3. need help translating technical articles
  5. Team event organization
    1. Sending out event (Chengdu) info to mailing list (Jay Guo)
  6. Justitia
    1. might be merged into Cello, discussion continues there (Baohua Yang)
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