• Release updates
  • Next steps in creating shared Aries libraries
    • Naming of the Data Registry Interface → Verifiable Data Registry Interface
    • Repository organization
    • Work plans

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(7AM Los Angeles, 10AM New York, 3PM London, 17H Moscow)

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  • Name (Employer) <email>
  • Stephen Curran (Cloud Compass/BC Gov)
  • John Callahan  (Veridium) <>
  • Nemanja Patrnogic (Evernym) <>
  • Daniel Hardman (Evernym) <>
  • Sergey Minaev (Evernym) <>
  • Richard Esplin (Evernym) <>
  • Carl DiClementi (Factom Inc)
  • Troy Ronda (SecureKey)
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs) <>
  • Brent Zundel (Evernym) <>

Welcome / Introductions

Related Calls and Announcements

  • Previous Aries Working Group calls
  • Identity Implementors Working Group call
    • Main place to get project updates, release status, and announcements.

Release Status

Work Updates

  • Rich Schemas and W3C Verifiable Credentials (Ken)
  • SDK 2.0 architecture / Indy-Aries split (Sergey)
    • 1406 ticket and PR
  • Architecture of Aries Verifiable Credentials Proof Formats (Mike Lodder)
  • Static Peer DIDs in aries-dri-peer (Richard and Sergey)
    • Daniel Python impl that needs to be implemented in Rust

RFC Progress

  • Rich Schema RFC headed to an APPROVED status, Troy had some comments on how the Link Secrets tie to W3C spec.

Other Business

  • Verifiable Data Registry instead of just Data Registry (vdri instead of dri) for naming of the Aries repos – Stephen Curran
  • Removing of the DRI Peer and AMS SQLite? Ignore them for now, maybe add a README and say 'Do Not Use This Right Now' and modify the pull/push privileges for the repos.
  • Using SQL In memory mode for the in memory wallet?
  • Cam's proposal for an Aries Wallet (Cam)
  • Next step on Aries Core Libraries
    • Resolver / Data Registry Interface
      • Peer DIDs
    • Wallet / Agent Managed Storage / ?
    • Verifiable Credentials Proof Formats
  • Experience with using Indy threading in ACA-Py (John Jordan) ?
  • Formal protocol verification techniques

Future Topics

Action items

  • Richard: Create repos specified in ARIES-3

Call Recording

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