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Open source marketing builds consensus on communications and content strategy across varied project stakeholders.

Marketing at Hyperledger takes a three-pronged approach. We focus on building awareness of and affinity for Hyperledger, as a consortium formed to advance enterprise blockchain technologies supported by The Linux Foundation. Being part of The Linux Foundation, we believe sets Hyperledger apart from other blockchain efforts, as a trusted leader in the open source software space. As many blockchain projects make up Hyperledger, we also channel marketing efforts around the individual projects and their own respective communities, bringing awareness to specific features, developer activities and milestones reached. Finally, marketing works closely with Hyperledger membership to highlight, promote and bring awareness to use cases and what they and their customers are doing with different Hyperledger technologies. 

Our aim is to connect all parts of this very large, complex project ecosystem to grow the adoption, and overall impact of Hyperledger technology.

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