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Incomplete tasks from meetings

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  • Jessica Rampento promote Learning Materials Development Working Group courses as part of #HyperledgerEdu
Jessica Rampen2021-09-08 Meeting notes
Jessica Rampen2021-09-08 Meeting notes
Peter Somogyvari2021-09-08 Meeting notes
David Boswell2020-12-09 Meeting notes
  • Jessica Rampen to send info about Anthony L about next steps to get involved
Jessica Rampen2020-12-09 Meeting notes
  • If anyone would like to participate in a project webinar around a milestone, feature or new release please let Jessica & Marta know. 
2020-11-11 Meeting notes
Jessica Rampen2020-11-11 Meeting notes
David Boswell2020-06-10 Meeting notes
  • Please get in touch with Marta Piekarskaif you'd like to work on a webinar for your WG, SIG, project or lab
Marta Piekarska2020-06-10 Meeting notes
  • Jessica Rampen to connect with Rob M from IBM about an article around privacy in Fabric for TNS 
Jessica Rampen2020-06-10 Meeting notes

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