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Dial in Information


  • Grow and nurture developer ecosystem: The purpose of this call is to discuss marketing related initiatives around the Hyperledger projects and community. This is a great opportunity for project maintainers and contributors to learn how they can get involved in many aspects of marketing including overall messaging, events, content, social media, and PR, to further help the public hear about and understand Hyperledger and its community.
  • Improve the communication between marketing and technical leaders in the community Gain guidance and involvement from Hyperledger project technical experts in marketing initiatives Understand how we can better work together to amplify Hyperledger’s public presence and marketing messages
  • Who should join: Maintainers, active contributors to Hyperledger projects.

Discussion items

Market Survey 2021Helen Garneau




  • Timing: Will be sent out via May LF Newsletter (intended to broaden from previous survey, beyond North America)
    • Final answers collected in June
    • Final report completed in August
  • Action items:
    • identify 5-7 'key opinion leaders' we want them to interview specifically
    • Promote circulation in networks and communities, outside of Hyperledger/LF
HGFHelen Garneau
  • Registration drive
  • Suggestions for Ad placement to help expand community (MIT tech, HBR other publications/sites/communities to reach outside of existing Media Partners?)
Contribution Campaigns

Action items