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Outcomeno TSC secretary role
Minutes Link2019 10 10 TSC Minutes

There are a number of functions that would go into a secretary role for the TSC that LF employees currently perform.

  • Record meetings
  • Take and publish minutes
  • Prepare monthly reports for the GB
  • ...

Should this role be elected by the TSC, appointed by the TSC, or some other method?

Resolved (2019 10 10 TSC Minutes): no TSC secretary role


  1. In W3C WGs, we had rotating responsibility for taking minutes. It can be a bit of effort. Of course, the minutes taken now are even more than necessary. All that really needs to be recorded are motions, votes/resolutions and action items taken and resolved.

  2. What problem are we trying to solve here? Is it that the staff doesn't want to keep performing these tasks, doesn't think it should be their responsibility, is overloaded and would rather offload that? Something else?

    I'm honestly not sure. As far as I'm concerned things are fine the way they are and I have been assuming having the staff perform this kind of tasks is part of what member dues are meant to pay for. Is that not a correct assumption?

    I don't mean to be rude or anything, I'm genuinely asking.

    1. Hello,

      In the LMDWG I perform all the responsibilities ( Wiki page agendas, announcements, hosting, recordings and minutes). I often  perform these duties for the Public Sector SIG and Public Sector White paper task force.  The work is extremely time consuming. The chairs of the other SIG have reached out for assistance / training on how to manage the groups information. As with most volunteer position rotation occurs and the new members must quickly learn how to navigate with in the community,  often before contributing. 

      I feel an opportunity exists for a staffed position for an information community manager.  The community needs a person to have a solid presence the WG and SIG's. This will benefit  the community by leesing the learning curves the groups have, make information consistent throughout the WG and SIG,  while giving the members more time to focus on industry collaboration, not information management.


      1. For a while I asked my sister to do a lot of this work, in particular for HCWG. Rich Bloch can attest to how much it helped.

      2. For the TSC, Hyperledger staff will continue to take and publish minutes.  That's required for good governance and antitrust prevention, and not easily consistently done by volunteers.

        For WGs and SIGs, we do expect the chairs of those groups to take notes or find volunteers to do it.  Those groups are not decisional in the same way the TSC is, so we can be more casual there.  Bobbi, thank you for all the work you do there, and hopefully it helps inspire others to volunteer to take that on other times.  I would prefer not to create the expectation that LF staff will be able to take and publish such notes, otherwise our staff bandwidth could become a throttle on the number of such groups that could be formed.

        Also, the TSC chair i expected to prepare the monthly TSC update for the Governing Board; LF employees only do it if it falls through the cracks.


  3. I think this is decided