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Requirements for BEST PRACTICE BADGE ( Developing Standards).

New Project Checklist

New Project Checklist

  • Set up chat channel named #{project-name} (see HOWTO Create a Chat Channel)

  • Set up mailing list named {project-name} (see HOWTO Create a Mailing List and HOWTO Add Moderator and/or Owner to Mailing List)

  • Set up Jira project

  • Set up Wiki space using project space (To be created in the meantime use the Sample Project Page as the home page in a blank space). Name the space projectname all lower case. Label the page with project-home so that it shows up on the main page and project page automatically
    • Configure the sidebar on the space and remove the "Pages", "Blog", and "Space Shortcuts" sections by clicking on the `-` sign next to them until they appear as a `+` sign. Then save the changes.
    • Edit the space permissions to provide View rights (and only view rights) to anonymous users.
  • Add the Wiki space to the "Projects" menu (see HOWTO Modify Top-Level Menu)
  • Work with the project maintainers to determine how source control will be handled and what repositories are needed
  • Set up Github or Gerrit repositories by filing a helpdesk ticket (
  • Make sure DCO is turned on
  • Make sure Maintainers sign off on NEVER TURNING OFF DCO
  • Create an event on the TSC calendar for the first quarterly update (see example). We normally skip at least one quarter before requiring them to do their first update. That gives them time to get things up and running
  • Create an event on the new working group's calendar to remind the subscribers that their TSC update is due (see example)
  • Work with the marketing team to develop a project-specific webpage (see example)
  • Work with the creative services team to create a project-specific logo (file Jira ticket similar to this example)
  • Work with PR team to create a blog post
  • Send out welcome email to the maintainers


In April 2018, Kelly Cooper brought the work group the style guide below:

Several months later, I created a condensed version that uses lean/agile principles below:


should be proofread carefully

should use the Hyperledger/Linux Foundation standard colors and slide template

should use minimal text 


White Paper Template

Just a few thoughts from Gordon

should contain standard front matter: Title page, About Hyperledger, About This Paper, Contents, Version number and Publication Date, Creative Commons notice, Acknowledgements, About the Working Group sponsor...

should explicitly define the audience, scope and purpose in the front matter

should probably use a numbering system to help organize the contents

should start with an introductory overview of the topics to be covered, and then move into the details of various topics

should use a recognized rhetorical approach when necessary: for example, move-from-the-familiar-to-the-unfamiliar, or compare-and-contrast

should list items in alphabetical order by default; if using any other ordering system, should explicitly state which (by chronology, location, platform, size and so on) 

should contain standard back matter: Conclusions, Appendixes, Further Resources, References

should be prepared in Gdocs, not LaTex nor any other formatting language or system

should not require using Github to avoid unnecessary overhead and version control confusion


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