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Discussion Topics

  • Corporate Firewalls and Indy
  • Minor Versions - PR 752 - agreement to merge this - need approval and announcement on Discord to confirm.
  • Can We Close This? – Presentation
    • PR 747 Credential Supplements - agreement to merge this - need approvals and announcement on Discord to confirm. Suggest a clarification PR to follow with more motivation/why? content.
    • PR #748: Proposal of RFC for n-wise DID exchanging - this is an "experimental" RFC, but has value and should be merged, pending Maintainer Approval and Discord posting
    • PR #755 OCA for Aries – still in draft, but presentation has notes on recent updates made to the RFC based on feedback received.
      • Suggestion: Cancel (or merge…) PR #740 — updates to RFC0013 Overlay to be up to date. However, since RFC0013 is (more or less) the OCA Specification, it should be archived.
    • PR #746 feat: add shorten url protocol – pointed out to the community that the PR was closed by the author and recreated in the DIF DIDComm repo, as it is a DIDComm feature rather than an "Aries use of DIDComm" feature.
  • For future meetings:
    • #745, #737, #736 Push Notification PRs
    • #727 An Ack (RFC 0015) can’t be a FAIL message

  • Request for help – Wrap the Aries RFC repo in a Static Site Generator and publish to be a more useful resource. At minimum, we need guidance about how the protocols should be used for those new to the community.
    • Another future discussion.