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    • Merge Update (Justin Florentine )
      • 22.7.2 - cherry-pick vs release off main branch (22.7.1 was effectively a release candidate for the merge?)
      • 22.7.3 two weeks later, mainline
      • move 22.10.x out two weeks
      • Move RC1/RC2 cycle to "beta" on main first release then "RC" off of main and then cherry pick as needed for RCX (RCX as needed)
        22.10.0 ships from an RCx release and will move out as needed, but now sooner than 2 weeks from RC
    • Besu code owners discussion and proposal Matt Nelson
      • Will post a wiki page, red herring has been seen by many maintainers.  
      • Google doc link - 
    • Besu Architecture Diagrams Matt Nelson
      • Pics will be shared at a later date
      Besu Architecture Diagrams
    • Besu post-Merge Distributions DiscussionDiscussion Matt Nelson
      • Focus on Code Ownership First
      • Goal is to remove legacy code in some distros.
      • First step to componentization and modularization
      • Merge Transition code can be dropped
    • Github Actions Build MigrationMigration Danno Ferrin
      • Concerns about Github censorship were raised,  Are there github alternatives?  Gitlab?
    • Java 17 MigrationMigration Danno Ferrin
      • Records are awesome.  That is all.
  • Other Business
  • Metrics Review -;quicktime=time_filter_3Y
  • Roadmap Review - Roadmap - skipped
    • optimistic support, rollup client diversity question  - skipped
    • New addition - peering improvement and node operations improvement - skipped
  • Open Forum - skipped
  • Future Topics - skipped