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  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • Incentive Program Update: [WIP] Proposal #4 is considered the final proposal. EF, HLF, and CSI are currently working with their respective legal teams. 
      • update from Hart Montgomery - ongoing meetings with legal teams. Broad agreement but need more specific details. Hart writing up a more detailed version of Tim's proposal.
  • Roadmap Review - Roadmap 
    • Roadmap needs updating
  • Release updates
  • Work Updates
    • Future Backwards Incompatible Changes (Danno Ferrin)
      • Java 17 migration (notice in next quarterly (22.4.0), actual upgrade next after (22.7.0))
        • consider changing JVMs for the docker images - temurin? (was adoptopenjdk) - popular in community
      • EVM migration from Gas object to long (git branch) (next quarterly ie 22.4.0)
  • Other Business 
    • Automated Security Bot Requests
      LinuxFoundation as a part of the insights process is creating an automated "security bot" that will analyze LF (and hence Hyperledger project).  Feature set is very low at the moment, but they are actively soliciting feature requests.  What would Besu want to see?
      • can we view what is currently being scanned for? Current insights?
      • no action
  • Metrics Review -;quicktime=time_filter_3Y
  • Open Forum
    • Proposal - "Off Week" Discord voice chat meetup. Volunteers?Frank to take the lead on this - start conversation in discord
    • Deprecating log42j - from Diego see Contributor channel 
      • check if this has been resolved - log4j.xml
    • LGTM - fixed
    • Global forum program committee - 5-6 hrs reviewing sessions, 2 hrs meetings to discuss
    • Some discussion on submitting talks
  • Future Topics