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  • Release updates
    • Release process in general, plan for diversifying who can make a release.(Justin Florentine )
      • How many maintainers required to sign off on a release?
    • GAR-E - what does it still need to reduce friction?
    • What role (if any) does CircleCI have in releasing?
  • Work Updates
  • Other Business 
  • Open Forum
    • Design process proposal for further modularization:
      • transaction pooling and block building is a hot topic lately. Justin Florentinewould like to start a design for factoring out block building much like we did with the EVM. What design artifacts should we produce (if any) prior to submitting PRs?
    • Inactivity clause for moving maintainers to emeritus status - the current guide says a quarter of inactivity. Do we want to extend that? 6 months? Longer? 
      > A general measure of inactivity will be no commits or code review comments for one reporting quarter, although this will not be strictly enforced if the maintainer expresses a reasonable intent to continue contributing.
  • Future Topics

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