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  • 5 PM Tuesday Paris/Berlin
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Besu Incentive Program

  • Goals 
    • Teams free to do what they want with validator value and validator tx fees (rewards) 
    • Keys will be divested over 6 month periods (allowing more and more funds to be withdrawn) 
    • Provide long-term incentives to folks that are building Ethereum Mainnet clients 
    • Offered to all mainnet client teams (execution and consensus) 
    • EF will provide validator keys at a later time depending on incentive program milestones
  • Performance metrics
    • Taken over a monthly time frame
    • Over 95% attestation and block proposal inclusions 
    • Avoid slashing for these validators - slashed validators will be removed from the program
    • Consensus client issues - EF will not penalize execution layer client for consensus issues on the other client 
    • Execution layer has to be quick enough (performant) to create the block 
  • Interoperability 
    • Trust in this process by EF - good faith interop (could use canary nodes for combinations that are less tested)
  • Why Now?
    • Prepping for the Merge
    • Helps measure performance and confirms meeting protocol expectations
  • How do we run this program across the Besu community? 
    • This is a big ask for time from community members - Not all should be forced to be node operators
  • Concerns are:
    • All maintainers can't run a release 
    • Data not shared from ConsenSys with the community
    • Lack of transparency from ConsenSys team on roadmap
    • Money will make this open source project more challenging with the community 
    • PRs that need to be reviewed in timely manner
  • Ideas for Incentivizing Besu community
    • Near term idea: Bounty program
    • Near term idea: Clear benchmarks/requirements for operator validator nodes
    • Medium/long term idea: Besu DAO

Next Steps:

  1. More detailed document around Incentive Program on Wiki
  2. Agenda for next call (potentially off-cycle):
    1. Incentive program (30 mins)
      1. Cost of running nodes
    2. Besu maintainer progress/community concerns (30 mins)

Note: We did not have time to address these other items:

General Announcements

  • Release updates
    • Release process in general, plan for diversifying who can make a release.(Justin Florentine )
      • How many maintainers required to sign off on a release?
    • GAR-E - what does it still need to reduce friction?
    • What role (if any) does CircleCI have in releasing?
  • Work Updates
  • Other Business 
  • Open Forum
    • Design process proposal for further modularization:
      • transaction pooling and block building is a hot topic lately. Justin Florentinewould like to start a design for factoring out block building much like we did with the EVM. What design artifacts should we produce (if any) prior to submitting PRs?
    • Inactivity clause for moving maintainers to emeritus status - the current guide says a quarter of inactivity. Do we want to extend that? 6 months? Longer? 
      > A general measure of inactivity will be no commits or code review comments for one reporting quarter, although this will not be strictly enforced if the maintainer expresses a reasonable intent to continue contributing.
  • Future Topics

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