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  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • Robert Mitwicki <>
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs) <>
  • Sam Curren (Indicio) <>
  • Stephen Curran (Cloud Compass Computing Inc.) <>
    Nathan George (Kiva) <>

Welcome / Introductions


Related Calls


  • Aries Protocol Test Suite
  • Aries Agent Test Harness
    • Aries Framework Go backchannel working
    • DID Exchange tests added
    • Adding a summary of results of what is there, what is missing.Expanding the VC format tests
  • Aries Shared:
  • Aries-CloudAgent-Python (
    • Release 0.6.0-RC1 is out – some cleanup after RC0
      • DID Exchange/OOB
      • Multi-tenancy
      • Mediator
      • Internal support for Indy/Aries Shared libraries
    • In progress work
      • New BDD test suite 
      • Credential Exchange 2.0 with AnonCreds support
      • Persistent Queues to better run in scalable environments (Kubernetes)
      • Starting on W3C Standard Verifiable Credential support with ZKP/Selective Disclosure (BBS+)
    • AIP 2.0 work going on
      • DIF Presentation Exchange to be merged this week
  • Aries-Framework-Go (Troy) #aries-go
    • 2020-11-03 Meeting Notes
    • BBS+ Verifiable Credentials implemented using pure Go. Example.
      • Next tasks: interop testing against Mattr implementation and selective disclosure capabilities.
    • Working on adding remote encrypted storage capability - with a default implementation of DIF Secure Data Storage - Encrypted Data Vaults.
      • Encrypted Data Vault (EDV) from DIF SDS spec format has been implemented. Works as an encryption wrapper to underlying storage providers.
      • DIF EDV/SDS REST client is in progress. Docker image will support configuring EDV endpoint as wallet storage.
    • Remote KMS support is in progress. Docker image will support configuring remote KMS. 
    • Created repo to handle pluggable go framework components such as Indy VDR:
      • MySQL and CouchDB components moved to ext repo.
      • New contributions of MongoDB and RabbitMQ support to the ext repo.
  • Aries Mobile Agent React Native
  • Aries-SDK-Ruby (Jack)
  • Aries-Framework-DotNet (Tomislav)
  • Aries-Toolbox
    • Connections Update Complete
    • ACA-Py Toolbox Plugin updated to support ACA-Py 5.3
    • Dependency Updates
    • Converted to a web application by HCF - repo 
  • Aries-SDK-Java
  • Aries-Framework-JavaScript
  • Rich Schemas and W3C Verifiable Credentials (Brent & Ken)
  • Aries-MobileAgent-Xamarin (Aries MAX)
  • Pending contributions from GlobalID:
    • indy-sdk PR for IOS
    • indy-sdk-android
    • Aries Framework IOS (Swift)
    • Aries Framework Android (Kotlin)
  • Ursa