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  • Release planning for next three months
  • Restructuring Indy calls now that we have Aries
    • Combine some of the calls?
    • Focused on getting work done: work streams and release planning
  • Plans for improving documentation
    • Focus for new developer experience should be Aries
<Will add after the call>

Timezone: US afternoon and Asia morning


Cloud Compass Computing/BC






Summary of Prior callEverybody
Calls focused on getting work done: Indy SDK WG best practicesRichard

Documentation: (a conversation for the US / Europe group, already had it with US / Asia)

  • Where to document changes? HIPEs/Repo Docs/Jira Tickets
  • PR's should link back to Jira tickets
  • Rocket Chat questions should be pushed to Stack Overflow


  • Indy Node
    • June: 1.9.0 Pluggable Request Handlers
      • Testing is at risk for June
    • July: 1.9.1
      • Bug fix release
    • August: 1.9.2
      • Bug fix release
    • September: 1.10.0
      • PBFT view change
  • Indy SDK
    • June: Indy SDK 1.10.0
      • Flexible Credential Attribute Tagging (
      • Bugfixes
    • July:
      • GitLab migration alongside Jenkins (Foundation)?
        • Linux should be ready, maybe Windows.
        • Need a plan for mobile devices.
        • Could run it right after the release.
    • August
      • Platform Updates (Evernym?)
      • Aries / Indy split (Evernym will help with architecture)
      • Anoncreds 2.0 (Sovrin Foundation,
  • Ursa
    • June: 0.1.2
      • Exposing the existing functionality over a C-API for the Aroha team.
    • July: 0.2.0
      • Refactor internal plumbing for anoncreds 2.0, shouldn't impact external interfaces
      • Multi-signature BLS instead of aggregated signature
  • Aries
    • Initial code migration


  • Status of Indy / Aries split:
    • Should discuss in an Aries WG call, but not this week. Evernym is working on a proposal to start the discussion, this shouldn't stop others from putting together their own proposals.
    • Sam added README / Migration Notice to Aries repos.
  • Aries should be the starting point for most new developers. Need to focus on documentation for new developers. Stephen getting started.
  • Daniel has been adding notes to Indy HIPE informing people when they are superceded superseded by Aries. More of this needs to be done.
  • Concerns about losing the branding work we have done with Indy. How can we transfer this branding goodness to Aries?
    • We can emphasize that Aries was incubated in Indy, but we also need to be welcoming to the non-Indy people to achieve the Aries vision.
  • What is the role of this call post-Aries?
    • Merge this call with the Indy SDK working group?
      • Cancel the Wednesday call and just use the Monday slot?
      • Do we need an afternoon slot? How interested are the AU / NZ people in Indy vs Aries?
    • Give room for an Aries Maintainers call?
  • Documentation questions:
    • Need to discuss with NA / EU
    • Benefits of Stack Overflow
    • Need to review and prune out-of-date documentation
      • Alice / Faber treatment of pairwise DIDs is a key pain point
      • Start with the "new developer on Aries" path, and then decide what developers need to know about Indy?
    • Michael is working on Indy Agent walkthrough using C#
    • Would love to see a point and click demo walkthrough
      • Need to have a high enough level for new developers
  • Note: Richard hates Confluence tables in meeting agendas, as they don't copy / paste.

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