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Note: The A and B calls have been moved to the same time, this page will likely be updated as the merge continues.

CallsFrequencyDurationDay, Time & Timezone

Aries Working Group Call 


Every week1 hour

Wednesday, 7:00 am, Los Angeles (Timezone Anchor)

Wednesday, 10:00 am, New York

Wednesday, 2:00 pm, London

Wednesday, 05:00 pm, Moscow

Wednesday, 7:30 pm, India (8:30 pm during day light)

Wednesday, 11:00 am, Brasilia

Meeting Agendas and Notes

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Historical Note

This Working Group was incubated inside the Hyperledger Indy project. 

Agendas and Notes from those meetings (Pre April 2019) may be found here: Indy Agent Working Group