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NameDescriptionStatusPoint of Contact
Media and Entertainment SIGThe ME-SIG will bring together technical, academic, and industry-related expertise in order to solve long-standing problems in the creation, fair distribution, and legally appropriate attribution of media assets (film, television, e-books, audiobooks, hi-res gallery or museum images, photojournalism, games, e-sports, and so forth).Open for interested partiesDavid Boswell

Archived proposals

NameDescriptionStatusStaff Point of Contact
Telecom SIGThe Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group is focused on technical and business-level conversations about appropriate use cases for blockchain technology in the Telecom industry.ApprovedDavid Boswell
Supply Chain SIGChain Special Interest Group (SC-SIG) will be focused on applying distributed ledger technology in general, and Hyperledger technologies in particular, to logistics & supply chain use cases and address challenges relevant to the industry by executing on a set of collaborative, community-led initiatives. ApprovedMarta Piekarska
Capital Markets SIGDevelop a simple taxonomy of Capital Markets; first concentrating on the flow and fungibility of securities (bonds and stocks generalized to derivatives) ; issuance, trading, settlement, custody and corporate actions (payment of dividends, buy backs etc).ApprovedKaren Ottoni
Education Architecture SIGThe Education Architecture SIG will be focused on exploring how Hyperledger technologies can be used at educational institutions to bring students, faculty and administrators existing workflows and processes into the digital eco-system.ApprovedDavid Boswell
Climate Action & Accounting SIGA group focused on using distributed ledgers to deliver transparency and accountability under the Paris Agreement and accelerate urgent actionApprovedDavid Boswell