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According to Hyperledger Charter, part 13. Intellectual Property Policy says that "All contributions shall be accompanied by a Developer Certificate of Origin sign-off ( that is submitted through a Governing Board and LF-approved contribution process.". Unfortunately for Hyperledger Iroha codebase this rule was not in effect until it started to be imposed by a DCO bot, and commit history still contains some commits with DCO that is missing or incorrect. In order to move forward with the first major release we need to fix this — after some public discussion, happening in Iroha mailing list, we would like to get an approval and agreement from HL legal team, as well as TSC as part of FMR request, for the plan described below:

DCO fix plan

  1. As soon as there is an approval from TSC and maintainers are confident in the release, we proceed with 2:
  2. Archive Iroha via the GitHub UI
  3. Notify everyone (at least 1 week prior) that they need to reopen their pull requests against new repository.
  4. Move the repo to the Archives org
  5. Once the repo is moved to Archives, the new, blank Iroha GitHub repo can be created
  6. Helpdesk creates a new Iroha repo in GitHub
  7. Someone from maintainers team checks out the master branch in a new Iroha repo
  8. Rebase to the root of archived Iroha repo, amending all commits that have to be corrected (include DCOs).
  9. git push origin HEAD refs/for/master
  10. Repeat 7-9 for develop branch.
  11. Everyone uses new repo (smile)

JIRA task


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