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  • Update on the "mixed node" problem
  • Update on Sovrin Node pipeline
  • The Indy "Corporate Firewall Problem" and the idea of a Proxy Server on Nodes
  • Q&A

Recording of Call: 20221025 Indy Contributors Call Recording.mp4

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Welcome and Introductions


Wade Barnes (Neoteric Technologies Inc.) <wade@neoterictech.ca>

Kim Ebert (Indicio) <kim@indicio.tech>

Philipp Schlarb(esatus AG) <p.schlarb@esatus.com>

Christian Bormann(Robert Bosch Gmbh) <ChristianCarl.Bormann@de.bosch.com>

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Release Status and Work Updates

Meeting Topics 

  • Root cause and solution to the "mixed node" problem: Indy Node issue 1769
    • Still need to merge the pull requests.  They are approved, but not merged.
    • Daniel Bluhm and team reviewed and approved
    • Wade Barnes to merge them
  • Other issues found by Christian Bormann
    • Audit ledger is supposed to create an entry every 5 minutes, but is actually creating 3 every 5 minutes (one per ledger instead of one across ledgers). Issue – not fixed.
    • Issue with the timestamp recording for the domain ledger during catchup. Could cause a corruption, but unlikely. Fix has been added. Need to get to 1.13 to properly fix this.
  • Sovrin Node build
    • Dev containers for the sovrin repos
    • Pipeline is a work in progress – published version of libsovtoken was complicated – Jenkins pipeline issue.  GHA added and now run.
      • Discovered and fixed all pipelines because of deprecation of Node 12 in GHA.  All now updated.
    • Currently working to get the full suite of indy automation tests running, manually.  Then get the GHA implemented.
      • This is the hard part – not clear how long this will take.
    • After that:
      • GHA actions to publish the sovrin artifacts.
  • indy-vdr with did:indy support – how do we get that released?
  • Genesis file issue on a network
    • Two of four nodes in Genesis File were missing from a network. Indy-SDK works fine, but Aries Askar does not work. What is the difference in the implementations?
    • Need to get an issue created in the indy-vdr repo. 
      • Another scenario: 4 nodes in genesis, 2 requests made, but when 7 nodes in genesis, 3 requests made.
        • Is this possibly a feature, not a bug, to make sure that a genesis file attack was being prevented.  Note to check Lynn's comments in the call recording.
          • Idea – one node in the genesis file is contacted, but is connected to other nodes to achieve consensus.  Is that possible?
    • Wade is seeing this issue on Sovrin Staging Net.
  • The Indy "Corporate Firewall Problem" and the idea of a Proxy Server on Nodes? Kim Ebert
    • Core issue: A mobile wallet user using a Corporate WiFi may find that they can't get to an Indy ledger because all but 80/443 ports and HTTP/S protocols are blocked
    • Discussion/Options paper: https://hackmd.io/@n5FW6jwuRfCgchBDNWR3VQ/H1kNlKpmo
    • Question: Is it viable to have each Indy Node also listen on port 80/443 for HTTP/S requests and arrange to have them processed?
      • Option: Receive on HTTP(S) and send on to local ZMQ instance as if coming from outside.
  • Other Topics

Future Calls

  • GDPR and the right to be forgotten – mitigations and approaches.
  • Status of Indy-SDK
    • Statement on the future of the Indy SDK: PR 2329
    • Plans for future of Indy CLI (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Indy SDK in test for Indy Node (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Status of GitHub Actions for the Indy-SDK
  • Indy bugs
    • Using GitHub tags "Good First Issue" and "Help Wanted" 
    • Node 1490: problems with large catch-up
    • Plenum 1506: view change message consensus calculation error

Action items