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  • Update on the "mixed node" problem
  • Q&A

Recording of Call: 20220927 Indy Contributors Call Recording

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Welcome and Introductions


Wade Barnes (Neoteric Technologies Inc.) <wade@neoterictech.ca>

Lynn Bendixsen (Indicio, PBC) <lynn@indicio.tech>

Christian Bormann(Robert Bosch GmbH) <christiancarl.bormann@de.bosch.com>

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Release Status and Work Updates

Meeting Topics 

re Calls

  • GDPR and the right to be forgotten – mitigations and approaches.
  • Status of Indy-SDK
    • Statement on the future of the Indy SDK: PR 2329
    • Plans for future of Indy CLI (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Indy SDK in test for Indy Node (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Status of GitHub Actions for the Indy-SDK
  • Indy bugs
    • Using GitHub tags "Good First Issue" and "Help Wanted" 
    • Node 1490: problems with large catch-up
    • Plenum 1506: view change message consensus calculation error

Action items