• Completing the Indy Ubuntu 20.04 Upgrade
  • Indy SDK Dependabot Notifications
  • Q&A

Recording of Call: 20220607 Indy Contributors Call Recording.mp4

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Welcome and Introductions


Philipp Schlarb (esatus AG) <>

Wade Barnes (Neoteric Technologies Inc.) <>

Richard Esplin(Avast) <>

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Release Status and Work Updates

Meeting Topics 

  • Progress on completing the Ubuntu upgrade.

Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrading Indy to Ubuntu 20.04 Presentation 
    • Summary of the work done ^^
  • Update on CI/CD Update and Ubuntu Upgrade 
    • Indy Shared GHA Repo
      • Pipeline completed
    • Indy-Plenum Status: 
      • Pipeline completed and RC released
    • Indy-Node Status:
      • Pipeline completed and RC released
    • indy-test-automation Status:
      •  To be integrated into the release workflows.
    • indy-node-container (moved to Hyperledger) and GitPod tools available (node and plenum)
    • Indy-SDK build progress
      • Unblocked – builds are going and PRs are being reviewed (and rebasing PRs).
    • Backlog Issue: Mixed OS versions of Indy Node have issues:
      • How are we going to work through this issue and upgrade the various networks?
      • Issue: - running mixed nodes 16.04 and 20.04 a consensus problem occurs "in a while" (sometimes immediately, sometimes a few days has been seen)
        • 2022.06.07
          • Indicio team is working on a docker environment to replicate this, they are expecting to have something running in a few days.
          • docker-compose, 4 nodes (3 16.04 and 1 20.04), running for a week, but not able to replicate the issue. 
          • Lynn to share how to do this publicly so that others could contribute.
            • Put a folder into the indy-node-container repo about how to do it.
          • Plan is to use indy-vdr to generate DIDs and publish them to the ledger.
      • Robin has the details of what tests have been run and what observations have been done. See Hack MD document with some details. 
      • Perhaps because of libsodium v18 and v23.
      • It might also be a ledger corruption issue, perhaps with the lead node having corruption issues and then propagating those issue.
      • Can we get the indy-node-container folks run tests with a mixed environment of nodes
      • Richard Esplin at Avast can get help answering questions about Plenum. Tag him on Discord with your question.
      • Blog post on troubleshooting an Indy network.

Future Calls

  • GDPR and the right to be forgotten – mitigations and approaches.
  • Dealing with Indy Node DoS attacks.
  • Issues that could impact indy-node on 20.04
    • indy-sdk: needs an upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1 to properly support Ubuntu 18.04/20.04.  For indy-node, just using indy-sdk as is.
    • Multiple libsodium versions could impact consensus – intermittent issue on a mixed network.
  • Plans for a new Indy-SDK release?
  • Status of Indy-SDK
    • Statement on the future of the Indy SDK: PR 2329
    • Plans for future of Indy CLI (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Indy SDK in test for Indy Node (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Status of GitHub Actions for the Indy-SDK
  • Indy bugs
    • Using GitHub tags "Good First Issue" and "Help Wanted" 
    • Node 1490: problems with large catch-up
    • Plenum 1506: view change message consensus calculation error

Action items