• Status of indy-node CI/CD progress
  • Status of upcoming indy-sdk release

Recording from the call: 2020-12-22 Indy Contributors Call Recording

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Release Status and Work Updates

Meeting Topics

  • Progress on CI/CD to create a release "identical" to the current release – indy-node, indy-plenum, indy-crypto, token-plugin; sovrin-node
    • Kevin - tests are still failing in indy-plenum; now indy-node tests failing because of mismatched version in Github Actions
    • Wade - cleared out space/docker images on Jenkins build machines that enabled tests to run
  • Next release of indy-node per Richard
    • Evernym can help to get to 20.04 vs. 18.04
      • Should work on a 20.04 branch
    • Alexandr K - working on Jenkins pipeline; needs to ask others to start pipelines.  Work with Wade. 
  • Request for indy-sdk release - discussion of progress
    • Streamlining – building and deploying indy-node from scratch vs. from a more complete image.
    • Things are in good shape.  indy-node docker image issue fixed by Sergey.  Wade cleaned up a lot in the pipelines.
    • Expecting now the build to work and if so testing can start.
  • PR  to add a project status to Indy SDK
  • Upgrade testing pre-Sovrin release 
    • Issue – Network is in Evernym AWS infrastructure, but others cannot access it.
    • Several technical solutions are probably possible, but not clearly understood.
    • Evernym will give access to specific people (Wade Barnes) to use the cluster for upcoming releases.
    • We need a long term solution.
  • Proposal to include fees transactions as part of Indy Core, which could be leveraged by a plugin
    • Simplifies maintaining Sovrin MainNet
    • Does not tie to a specific payment implementation
    • Would require a change to the Indy HIPE related to fees.
    • Would move a concept from the "Generic Indy Token HIPE" into core Indy.
    • No concerns with adding the concept of Fees, but ambivalence about whether it will be valuable in the short term.

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  1. A topic I forgot to raise on the call:

    We want to add to core Indy the concept of "stubbing a ledger". If a plugin creates a custom ledger, but the ledger is not used, and then the plugin is removed and the custom ledger dropped, the stub would return a constant merkle tree hash so that the audit ledger stays consistent. This would simplify maintaining the Sovrin MainNet because we could remove the unused Token plugin.

    Let us know if you have any thoughts about that.