• Status of Ubuntu 20.04 work
  • Status of upcoming indy-node release, Rich Schema Feature Flag, and CI/CD Progress
  • Status of upcoming indy-sdk release

The call recording is available here: 20201124 Indy Contributors Call Recording

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Release Status and Work Updates

Meeting Topics

  • Ubuntu 20.04 for Indy Node / Indy Plenum
  • Indy Plenum PR Review - the consensus code - Any updates to status?
    • Brent's fix for INDY-827 (PR 1486)  - not to be merged into main until reviewed and tested by another
      • Decision: Will not be merged into this release because of the manual testing effort.
    • Need to accept PR 1482 - Evernym can do that.
    • What is the difference between STABLE and MASTER
      • Stephen to review the last call recording
    • Arrange a meeting to get the CI/CD done, or perhaps merge the code bases to enable a single pipeline.
      • Plenum PR created
      • One test is failing – likely not because of the CI/CD – failed previously
      • Plan is to get this done entirely
  • Indy Node Release Status Updates:
    • Replace indy-crypto with ursa-crypto – build failing, Wade Barnes investigating.
      • PR to fix, but there is a dependency to indy-plenum in order to proceed.
      • Still stuck on indy-plenum
    • Alexander Jonsson is implementing the Rich Schema feature flag (Pull Request found here)
      • New PR needed because first not based to Master branch – take 2 coming soon.
      • Alex K is working on this
    • CI/CD Progress being made (awesome!!)
      • Paused – indy-plenum will go first and work will resume here
      • PyTest tags added – not yet merged – in draft.  Need to make sure that every test has a mark on it.  Some tests may be lost until the tags are added. Merge after that check.
        • Need a review and approvals.
        • One failing test – 33,000 lines of output, which breaks the test output handler. Figuring out how to fix that.
          • auth test case
      • Github Actions on a branch for CI – running and working, but need to keep them running in parallel to current method before moving forward.
      • GitHub Actions for CD still to be done. Volunteers?
  • Request for indy-sdk release
    • RC branch ready to go, release notes updated, everything is almost ready to go
    • Problem: IOS branch is not building.  What do we do?
      • Sergey has a PR that seemed to work, and build is in progress for that.
      • If so – Master to RC and we're good to go.
      • Could drop IOS, but we'd really rather not do that.
      • Point people: Sergey, Ian, Steve McCowan, Wade
    • One commit in Master Branch is not DCO signed.
      • Someone manually bypassed the DCO which allowed us to proceed – a very bad practice.
        • Separate issued – Ry to be asked if that button can be turned off. 
      • Fixed in the RC branch – not touched in the Master Branch
      • How to address in the Master Branch?
      • Ian, Wade and Ry to discuss.
    • Should we release now or get more features in?
      • No one requested more be added
    • Should this be the last indy-sdk release?
      • Evernym would like to free up the team to do other things, so would like to know if more effort is to be put into the indy-sdk?
  • Progress: Indy DID Method (did:indy) Specification
  • Request from Hyperledger – reach out to HL Staff to help getting some contributors – has been successful in the past – can anyone step up from the project to drive that from the project side?  Contact Marta Piekarska

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