• Work updates and collaboration on projects
    • VDR
    • CredX
    • Rich Schemas
  • Future of Indy CI / CD

We intend to record this call.

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  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • Richard Esplin (Evernym) <>

Related Calls and Announcements

  • Going forward, we will not be holding the AMER afternoon / APAC morning call
  • Identity Implementors Working Group call
    • Main place to get project updates, release status, and announcements.
  • Call to discuss techniques for supporting an Indy Network: Tuesday, February 25 at 3PM UTC

Release Status and Work Updates

  • Indy Node
    • February:
      • No formal release of Indy Node
      • New items available
        • Tool for detecting ZMQ network problems
        • Troubleshooting guide
    • March:
      • Replacing Indy Crypto with Ursa (Kiva)
      • More "rich schema" objects
    • Future
      • Ubuntu 18.04 (Kiva)
        • Need to check additional dependencies:  Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.
  • Indy SDK
    • February:
      • 1.15.0:
        • LibVCX improvements to reject proof and connection redirect
        • Bug fixes
  • Indy Catalyst
    • Still working on performance improvements
    • Being deployed at Government of Canada
    • Migrating to Hyperledger Aries: plan is to moving to aries-verified-credential-registry
      • Needs more documentation
  • Anoncreds 2.0 (Mike)
    • Implementing in an Aries Shared Library
  • Aries Shared Libraries
    • indy-vdr (Andrew Whitehead
      • HTTP REST client that can be used to proxy ZMQ traffic
      • Next steps:
        • VDR Design Doc
        • Custom State-Proof Parser
          • Currently uses global state, should use an object (currently commented out in Indy-VDR)
          • Pair-programming session: team, Adam B, Ev Team
        • FFI
        • Unit tests
        • Functional tests
        • Migrate repo to Hyperledger
          • First commit should point to previous history in indy-sdk
        • Integrate into existing LibIndy
          • Apply recent bug fixes to the new VDRI
      • As an Aries interface becomes standardized, a new repo will be created for the indy-aries-vdri
        • Or a single aries-vdri with modules for each interoperable ledger
    • indy-aries-anoncreds / indy-creds → indy-credx
    • Aries-Shared-Util
      • Pack / Unpack
        • Lift-and-shift would be Indy specific, but refactoring for Aries-KMS could take a long time
      • Need a place for Rich Schemas functions → many will go to Aries Credx
    • Aries-KMS
      • Mike and Cam's aries-core-rs → aries-kms-(placeholder)
        • Evolution from lox
        • Will include a default storage that is not a different implementation from the plugins
        • Hopes for a protype in February
      • Move the Indy wallet crate as a starting point → aries-kms-taiga
  • Ursa 0.3.2
    • Releasing this week?
    • Implements key exchange, so LibSodium hopefully is no longer required

Main Business

  • Connection Redirect
    • Evernym has something working in LibVCX, and needs to contribute an Aries RFC
    • Stephen, George, Sam, and Andrew are working on a similar Aries RFC
  • Indy-Credx
    • Using Pyo3: Python extension written in Rust that wraps crate directly. Improves performance and security. Allows multiple threads.
      • Expect to add an FFI interface in the future
    • Can issue credentials, no support for proof requests or revocation yet
  • Indy-VDR
  • "State proof" validation bug reported through the HTTP Proxy: audit ledger proof
    • Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.
  • Need to decide the future of CI / CD
    • Need CI / CD for indy-vdr immediately
      • Does the team at have plans?
        • Indy-VDR has a docker that can be used for tests
        • Want to create a GitHub action
      • Where should it live?
        • Current Jenkins infrastructure is aging
        • Foundation's GitLab environment isn't functional
        • Hyperledger is using Azure Pipelines, but concerns about running an Indy Pool there
        • Evernym team's recent research:
          • Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.  GitLab
          • Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error. GitHub Actions
          • Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error. Circle CI
          • Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error. Azure Pipelines
    • Ursa doesn't have any CI
    • Decided: Move forward with GitHub Actions
  • Rich Schemas:
    • Need to correct existing HIPEs
    • Need to evolve DIF DIDComm to support Rich Schemas
    • Implement first in Indy-VDR and Indy-Credx, then decide how to migrate there from LibIndy.
    • How will we mix old credential definitions with new credential definitions?
      • Only difference is the mapping object
      • Anoncreds 1.0 vs 2.0 might require more effort to remain compatible. Anoncreds 2.0 only support Rich Schemas (new credential definition object)?

Future Calls

Next call:


  • Requirements questions:
    • IS-1099: anoncreds.prover_get_credentials_for_proof_req should return per-credential timestamp
      • Should we allow duplicate credentials from the same issuer?

Action items

  • HIPE #138, Issue #144 (Ken and Brent)
    • Create a PR for changing status to ACCEPTED
    • Check for an Aries RFC
  • PR to RFC #0019 to compare pack/upack to msgpack (Sergey)
  • Richard and Sergey will close old pull requests with a descriptive comment.
  • Mike wants to review the 61 cases of "unsafe" libindy calls and figure out if they are justified.

Call Recording