• Release updates
  • Moving the PostgreSQL wallet out of experimental
  • Proposal to improve performance of the Indy SDK CI test pipeline
  • Proposal to support Fully Qualified DIDs

Timezone: US morning and Europe afternoon

We intend to record this call.

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  • Name (organization) <email>
  • Richard Esplin (Evernym) <>
  • John Jordan (Province of British Columbia)
  • Ian Costanzo (Anon Solutions)
  • Cam Parra  (Kiva) <>
  • Alexander Shcherbakov (Evernym) <>
  • Ken Ebert (Sovrin Foundation) <>


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Summary of Prior Call

Release Status

  • Indy Node
    • August: 1.9.2
      • Bug fix release
      • Important bug fix for ledger corruption INDY-2211
    • September: 1.10.0
      • PBFT view change
  • Indy SDK
    • August: 1.11.1
      • Finish Authors vs Endorsers
      • Finish proof of possession of payment address
      • Platform Updates: Ubuntu 18.04
    • September: 1.12.0
      • Fully qualified DIDs
        • Dependent on DIDDoc support? (Daniel's document and David Huseby's work)
      • Platform Updates: MacOS, CentOS
    • Future
      • GitLab migration alongside Jenkins (Foundation)?
      • Aries / Indy split
      • Anoncreds 2.0 (Sovrin Foundation,
  •  Ursa
    •  Working on release of 0.2.0
      • ZKP  / ZKLang improvements
      • Debian packages
      • Refactor internal plumbing for anoncreds 2.0, shouldn't impact external interfaces
      • Refactor multi-signature BLS in addition to aggregated signature
  •  Aries
    • Agent from Indy Catalyst migrated to aries-cloudagent-python (
    • Initial code migration from Indy SDK repositories
  • Indy Catalyst
    • Migrated?

Work Updates

  • Documentation improvements: Michael B and Stephen C
    • Need to review and prune out-of-date documentation (Alice / Faber treatment of pairwise DIDs is a key pain point)
    • Michael is working on Indy Agent walkthrough using C#
    • Finishing work on ReadTheDocs (2 more weeks?)
  • SDK 2.0 architecture / Indy-Aries split (Sergey)
    • Indy SDK Architecture Questions: 
    • Sovrin Foundation team and Daniel making progress
    • Will work on defining the API surface in order to better understand what the threading model should be underneath
    • Need to define how we want to handle private keys. Shouldn't expose them to the end users, but need to access them from multiple libraries.
    • Feels pressure to make short term decisions that can be improved incrementally. Will also help Kiva to contribute.
  • GitLab migration (Mike and Steve G)
    • Demos in the Identity Implementers WG calls
    • Issues with Jenkins machines because Rust builds run out of memory—workaround increased build time but is a temporary solution
  • Advanced Schemas and W3C creds (Ken)
  • Warnings from rust cargo clippy (Mike and Axel)
    • IS-1270 through IS-1274
  • New design for revocation / Anoncreds 2.0 (Mike)
  • Getting Ursa artifacts published that can be used by Indy Node and Indy SDK (Mike and Cam)

Other Business

  • Name change: Indy Maintainers call → Indy Developers call
    • Approved
  • Sovrin specific upgrade script for Indy Node 1.9.2 due to auth_rules bug (INDY-2211)
  • Replace Amazon Linux with CentOS in the build pipeline
    • Adding CentOS increases the build pipeline by another 30 minutes.
    • Approved. Need to be clear about this change in the release notes.
  • Improving the performance of the Indy SDK CI pipeline:  Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.
  • is superseded by indy-qa-automation, so it was archived.
  • What should be done in Indy SDK next: 
    • Aries architecture (Ken's proposal)
    • Evernym: OSX support and architecture investigation
      • New Ursa features?
        • Proving that a link secret has been seen before, 
        • Repudiability as an option for proving
        • New predicates
        • Anononcreds 2.0
      • Architecture investigation
  • PostgreSQL wallet to graduate from "experimental" status?
    • and Kiva are using the plugin
    • Need an update on the open issues.
    • Need testing to be part of the automated CI / CD pipeline: publish to
      • Sergey will look to see if there are any concerns with
    • Need to define the release process: who fixes issues and when does PostgreSQL reliability prevent releases?
  • Need an apt-get artifact of Ursa that can be used by Indy Plenum and Indy SDK
  • Progress on Fully Qualified DIDs: IS-1358, IS-1359

Future Calls

  • fuzzing libindy
    `cargo +nightly fuzz run fuzz_target_1 -- -only_ascii=1`
    Worried about unsafe code in libindy
    ignisvulpis@namenlos:~/development/hyperledger/indy-sdk/libindy$ find src -name \*\.rs -exec fgrep unsafe {} \; | wc -l
  • New pack / unpack requires disclosure of recipient
    • Cannot hide the receiver of the message like we could with msg_pack
    • Allows having multiple recipients of the same message
    • Should list the drawback in the Aries-RFC? Is there an alternative way that preserves the capability to selectively disclose the recipient?
    • From Kyle Den Hartog
      msg_pack presents problems when dealing with an agent that maintains more than one relationship. For example, if I receive a message, I don't know which key in my agent I should be using to decrypt the message. We can get sender anonymity or receiver anonymity, but I don't believe it's possible to get both and still determine who the message is for.
    • Pack/unpack only exposes the Verkey of the recipients. It does not do forward secrecy.
  • Ursa and AMCL:  Discussed in the Ursa call (August 21), but no decision yet.
  • Architecture questions for Indy SDK:
  • Partially completed refactoring of the Request format: INDY-1375 and IS-567
  • Maintainership requirements for Indy Node and Indy SDK
  • How to handle old pull requests that failed DCO Checks? Close?
  • How to handle pull requests for IOS / Swift wrappers? Close and encourage the move to Aries?
  • How to handle pull requests for LibVCX? Deprecate?
  • Close PR as something that will be replaced by the advanced schema work?
  • HIPE pull requests:

Action items

  • Nathan (Daniel)
    • Set up alternate meeting hosts to record
  • HIPE #138, Issue #144 (Ken and Brent)
    • Create a PR for changing status to ACCEPTED
    • Check for an Aries RFC
  • Rename Indy Maintainers → Indy Developers in the calendar invitation (Richard)

Call Recording