• Discussed release status of various dependent components
  • GitLab migration still in progress
  • What to do about IndySDK→AriesSDK+IndyResolver migration
    • C Callable Wrappers and Rust
    • Anoncreds 2.0
    • Schema 2.0
  • Documentation updates
    • Call to contribute or deprecate out of date documentation
  • Discussion on Indy WG call becoming an Identity WG Implementers call

Timezone: US afternoon and Asia morning

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Summary of Prior Call

Release Status

  • Indy Node
    • Early July: 1.9.0 Pluggable Request Handlers
      • CI / CD problems left us broken for days. Release is likely to be next week.
    • July: 1.9.1
      • Bug fix release
      • Still trying for late July
    • August: 1.9.2
      • Bug fix release
    • September: 1.10.0
      • PBFT view change
  • Indy SDK
    • Early July: Indy SDK 1.10.0
      • Flexible Credential Attribute Tagging (
      • Bugfixes
      • CI / CD problems left us broken for days. Release is likely to be late this week.
    • Late July:
      • Usability improvements to Indy CLI and Payments (Sovrin Foundation and Evernym)
        • Requires concurrent release with libsovtoken
      • GitLab migration alongside Jenkins (Foundation)?
        • Linux should be ready, maybe Windows.
        • Need a plan for mobile devices.
        • Could run it right after the release.
      • LibVCX without agency (Evernym)
    • August
      • Platform Updates (Evernym?)
      • Aries / Indy split
      • Anoncreds 2.0 (Sovrin Foundation,
  •  Ursa
    • June: 0.1.2
      • Exposing the existing functionality over a C-API for the Aroha team.
      • Not tagged in GitHub
    • July: 0.2.0
      • Refactor internal plumbing for anoncreds 2.0, shouldn't impact external interfaces
      • Multi-signature BLS instead of aggregated signature
  •  Aries
    • Agent from Indy Catalyst migrated to aries-cloudagent-python (
    • Initial code migration from SDK repositories
  • Indy Catalyst
    • Migration from BC repos this week.
  • Indy WG call - proposal to rebrand to Identity WG or Sovrin call to cover cross-project concerns (keep it every week and report on various project WG status and talk about cross-project issues and end-to-end integrations).

Work Updates

  • Documentation improvements: Michael B and Stephen C
    • Start with new developer path through Aries.
    • Need to review and prune out-of-date documentation (Alice / Faber treatment of pairwise DIDs is a key pain point)
    • Michael is working on Indy Agent walkthrough using C#
  • SDK 2.0 architecture / Indy-Aries split (Sergey)
  • GitLab migration (Mike and Steve G)
    • Evaluated Circle CI, but it doesn't support Windows
    • Blocking various platform updates and CI / CD improvements
  • Warnings from rust cargo clippy (Mike)
    • IS-1270 through IS-1274
    • Will look at again in July
  • New design for revocation / Anoncreds 2.0 (Mike)

Other Business

Next Week

Action items

Call Recording