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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Hart Montgomeryto create a first draft of the quarterly report and everyone else to chime in as they see fit.  
19 Jun 2020Hart Montgomery2020-06-02 Meeting notes
Peter Somogyvari2020-08-06 Meeting notes
  • Shingo Fujimoto will confirm Member Summit submission deadline & move thread to online
Shingo Fujimoto2020-07-21 Meeting notes
  • Maintainers to approve approved PRs (smile)
2020-06-15 Meeting notes
  • Hart Montgomery to send out first draft of maintainer's policy, Peter Somogyvari agreed to contribute to that specific things about git/code style, commit messages, etc (e.g. all of his pet peeves)
Hart Montgomery2020-06-02 Meeting notes
Peter Somogyvari2020-06-02 Meeting notes

All meeting notes

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2020-07-28 Meeting notes (HM)Hart MontgomeryJul 28, 2020
2020-07-21 Meeting notesJonathan HamiltonJul 22, 2020
2020-07-09 Cactus ContributorsJonathan HamiltonJul 09, 2020
2020-07-06 Cactus Maintainers Meeting NotesJonathan HamiltonJul 07, 2020
2020-06-02 Meeting notesPeter SomogyvariJun 29, 2020
2020-06-15 Meeting notesJonathan HamiltonJun 16, 2020
2020-05-18 Meeting NotesJonathan HamiltonMay 19, 2020

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