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Discussion items

  • (1) Proposal: Bi-weekly meeting schedule

  • (2) HGF Registration Now Open

    • Presentation Language: English first, but other local languages should be supported

    • Proposal should be shared between Cactus maintainers.

  • (3) Takuma: PR about the example (electricity-trade)

    • Rafael: How it works?

    • Shingo: Sawtooth tx triggered the cactus event, and Ethereum transaction will be triggered by Cactus.

    • Takuma: Documentation will be added on later pull-requests. Stay tuned!

  • (4) Rafael: Enterprise usecase

    • Rafael: Collaborating on IETF

  • (5) The errors of CI checking tools

    • Almost are resolved over time (so there is no problem?)

    • Shingo: Could you consider to improve the problems when outside developer comes. We should minimize the dependency of the local env.

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