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Recording: 2020-06-29-Hyperledger-Cactus-Contributors-Call.mp4


  1. Peter Somogyvari
  2. Takuma Takeuchi
  3. Shingo Fujimoto
  4. Hart Montgomery
  5. Clive Boulton


  1. Declaration of LF code of conduct
  2. Discussion about proposal from Clive
    1. Why micro-code is introduced here ? (Takuma)
      → micro-code can be run even resource constraint device, and it can be useful on tamper-proof hardware like SGX
    2. I am afraid that the boundary of governance in the paper is not correct. Validator / Verifier interface is the asuumed boundary in Cactus. (Shingo)
      → Cactus architecture diagram in white paper was difficult to understand the facts. Proposal should be revised based on new findings.
    3. Good clarification. The boundary of Cactus components are still under discussion. Please bring your idea as PR against whitepaper. (Peter)
      →  I will bring some PR near future.
  3. Closing

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