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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

Basic Info

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Wednesday, Bi-weekly (GMT+8)

  • Option #2: Dial in with the phone number. E.g., 400 669 9381 or 010-87833177 (Premium Toll) for China area, code is 248676399.

Antitrust Policy Notice

On-duty Chair: Jay Guo


Feel free to add ur name here to attend the meeting.


  1. Team development and Innovation Jay Guo  Zhangjiong Xuan , David Liu )

    1. Hyperledger is moving gerrit base CI to github one.
    2. FAQ
  2. Team i18n and Education (Zhenhua Zhao lidong guo Yang Cheng )

    1. i18n work guideline

    2. Documentation translation progress

  3. Team Collaboration and Scenarios (Dorothy Cheng Scott Long ) 

    1. TBD
  4. Team Event Organization (Jay Guo , Zhenhua Zhao Scott Long  )

    1. Meetup guideline

    2. Every meetup please be placed at the Team Event Organization
    3. Meetups plan for Nov
    4. Hyperleder Macau meetup group established


  1. Team Development and Innovation
    1. Fabric-sdk-go is going to be refactored. And now it still lack of steadily versioning.
  2. Team i18n and Education
    1. Translation of Fabric 1.4.2 is almost ready 
  3. Team Collaboration and Scenarios
    1. Discuss impact to the hyperledger community of President Xi's endorsement of blockchain
      1. strengthen local government support for blockchain enterprise
    2. Discuss BaaS, decentralized, targeted client type, service agreement
      1. interopt WG design to use application chaincode as signature hub
      2. IBP 2.0's design introduction
      3. Blockchain solution and blockchain silos
    3. Discuss of blockchain hardware
  4. Team Event Organization
    1. Dec 4 Edmund To from Consensys will give talk at TWGC
    2. Nov 9 Beijing meetup