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The Technical Working Group China/超级账本中国技术工作组 is responsible for growing the Hyperledger developer community in China by responding to new user questions, helping with first-level triage of community-reported bugs or other issues, helping demonstrate to new developers how to report bugs or fire pull requests, and pointing motivated developers towards the project roadmaps and development initiatives at the global Hyperledger web sites.  It should also make sure to expose new users to the broad range of projects at Hyperledger.


All Hyperledger meetings are run covered by the following Antitrust Policy.

Teleconference bi-weekly meetings on Wednesday 10AM ~ 11AM (GMT+8).

Welcome to join the next meeting using zoom.


  1. Mail-listSubscribeArchives
  2. Rocketchat
  3. Wechat groups (join via those owners):
  • Beijing (a33443148)
  • Shanghai (dawnwords)
  • Hangzhou (linalee1005)
  • Dalian (cn8888898)
  • Shenzhen (RichZhao)
  • Wuhan (grapebaba)
  • Hongkong(hwfighter1)

Working Areas

The team is working together in the following areas:

Development and Innovation(开发创新)Help lead the development of hyperledger projects in code, tutorial, demos, with instructions on maillist, rocketchat, etc.Yaoguo Jiang, Zhangjiong Xuan, Dijun Liu
i18n and Education (国际化教育)Help lead the documentation writing/translation, seminar and education/trainingsLidong Guo, Jiang Lu, Xueting Zhou
Collaborations and Scenarios (合作应用)Help encourage the collaborations between organizations and projects, with landing more scenarios/appsYanqing Wang, Yin Cao, Haixu Cheng
Events Organization (活动组织)Help instruct the events organization like meetup/hackathonJiannan Guo, Sheng Huang, Zhenhua Zhao, Kai Chen

Committee Board

NameOrganizationEmailLocationRocket.Chat ID
杨保华(Baohua Yang)Oracleyangbaohua@gmail.comBeijing@baohua
郭剑南(Jay Guo)IBMguojiannan1101@gmail.comBeijing@guoger
赵振华(Zhenhua Zhao)IBMzhao.zhenhua@gmail.comShenzhen


Active Members/Volunteers

If you are willing to make continuous contributions in TWGC (e.g., driving meetings and plans, helping new developers, organizing events, promoting Hyperledger technologies, contributing code, documentations, etc.), feel free to do self-nomination in the mailing list. If keeping inactive for 3+ months (e.g., not show up in meetings/events), will consider to retire. It is possible to become active again via the nomination process.

NameOrganizationEmailLocationRocket.Chat ID
Yaoguo JiangHuaweijiangyaoguo@huawei.comNanjing
Yin CaoEnergy-Blockchain Labscaoyin@energy-blockchain.comShanghai
Lidong GuoChainNovaguolidong@chainnova.comBeijing
Zhangjiong XuanHyperchainxzj19922010@gmail.comHangzhou@TopJohn
Sheng HuangUMARKhuangsheng@umarkcloud.comShanghai
David LiuMediconcendavid-khala@hotmail.comHongkong@davidkhala

Three liaisons are appointed by Linux foundation to help the work, including Donald Liu(廖享德) Min Yu(余敏) and Scott Long(龙文选) .


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