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OutcomeRejected. Changed the WGs goal instead. See WGs' purpose set to information exchange rather than production of deliverables.
Minutes Link2019 11 14 TSC Minutes

Overview of Proposal

See Working Group Task Force: WGTF_Proposal8

Formal Proposal(s)

Existing working groups will be converted into technology focused SIGs: TSIG.

Action Items

  • Modify Hyperledger to change any "Working Groups" to "Technical Special Interest Groups"
  • Rename Working Groups to "Technical Special Interest Groups"
  • Modify all existing WG spaces to reflect name change (ugh).
  • Modify menu on the wiki to refer to Technical SIGs instead of Working Groups
  • Modify to reflect name change from WG to TSIG
  • Update mailing lists names
  • Update chat group names

Reviewed By


  1. Should be called TIG.

    Why? It is shorter! and does not have a relation to SIG.

    It could also be called IG (interest group) or Community Group (CG)

  2. new mailing lists as well ?

    1. Added that to action items, as well as, chat