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OutcomeUnanimously approved
Minutes Link2019 11 07 TSC Minutes

Overview of Proposal

See the Project Lifecycle Task Force Issue 6 Proposed Related Resolution 6.2.

Formal Proposal(s)

For house keeping purposes, existing projects that were originally started via a HIP but in practice are not being managed as "top level projects" are officially rescinded from the top level nomination and rolled over into their related project. Specifically, this concerns the following projects which will then be considered to be part of Fabric:

2017-02-28 - New Project: Fabric Go SDK Proposal - approved 2017-03-17

2016-08-09 - New Project: Fabric Python SDK Proposal - approved 2016-09-08

2016-06-02 - New Project: Chaintool Proposal - approved 2016-06-16

2016-05-24 - New Project: Java Chaincode support for Hyperledger Fabric Proposal - approved 2016-05-26

2016-05-03 - New Project: Exerciser for the Hyperledger Fabric v0.2 Proposal - approved 2016-05-12

Source: Proposals through 2018

Action Items

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Reviewed By


  1. What action items do we need if this is approved?

    1. Nothing.  These are already not being treated as full projects.