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This page is for collecting requests for items to support the contributor community in 2020. The Governing Board would like to review suggestions ahead of their 2019-07-30 meeting.

Please add items in the table below. Items may be budgetary (e.g. CI infrastructure), policy (e.g. scope of projects), or priority (e.g. focus on example applications). 


Individual or Forum for clarifications


Shared CI infrastructure

Active projects must fulfill CII best practices for continuous build and test. The original sizing of resources to support that requirement does not match the current project demand. Additional resources are required. A subcommittee has assessed the needs and produced the following recommendation. etc... 

CI/CD Committee (CI/CD Home)
Graphic Design SupportProjects could greatly benefit from creating marketing materials about their own projects, but in order to keep the quality high, need support from a graphic designer to do graphics and page layout. Projects could create the content and then engage the graphic designer to help with polish.
Video Production SupportProjects could greatly benefit from polished videos to help explain each product. This includes high-level videos that introduce the projects as well as videos which explain features important to the project.
SwagWe could use an increased amount of swag - in addition to the current stickers, we could use t-shirts and other things to help distribute the brand of each project.
Travel SponsorshipMany contributors/maintainers do not have the personal or organizational means to travel to maintainer summits and other valuable Hyperledger in-person meetings. Projects would benefit from travel sponsorships to partially or fully offset the cost of travel and lodging.
Tutorial contentPossibly in the form of long-form blog, online book, or tutorial material. The kind of 'build an app' material that complements reference docs.
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  1. wrt Graphic Design Support and Video Production Support above, I would like to see this expanded to go beyond projects and also include SIGs, Working Groups, etc.

    1. Thanks. Noted for WGs. SIGs are out of scope. SIGs are outside of TSC governance and do not produce governed work products.

      1. They may submit Labs though.  Just as anyone can.  And we encourage them to do so if they begin generating reusable code.