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OutcomeNo change will transpire
Minutes LinkThere was a discussion on 05-DEC-2019 but the item was withdrawn at the request of the submitter.

Overview of Proposal

The management of the quarterly reviews is onerous. Could we move to wiki updates only, with discussion and questions in the email list?

Formal Proposal(s)

Move quarterly updates entirely to the wiki, with discussion on the email list if need be.

Action Items

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Reviewed By


  1. I don't understand in what way you think it is "onerous". The reports already are on the wiki, so I'm confused by the question. Please explain.

    1. Agree with Arnaud. Is this really to make the process that we have been using recently more formalized? We are doing reviews on wiki and discussion on wiki.

      1. Not quite. They still show up on the TSC meeting agendas.

  2. Reviewed but confused  (smile)

  3. This is basically what we have today. Only if there are issues do we have a discussion on the TSC call.

  4. Sounds like the process we follow today!