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OutcomeWithdrawn by author
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Overview of Proposal

Hyperledger Explorer team is seeking to have a promoted release v1.0.0 of the project, a Web tool for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain.


Hyperledger Explorer Community Response

1Project has reached active status (the processes and community are mature)HL Explorer needs a promoted release before graduating to active status
2The release features substantially fulfil the project's charterYes
3The release satisfies criteria defined by the project itself. All projects should meet some internally defined non-functional release criteria (bug counts, performance, etc.)

   a. Test coverage (unit and functional/integration) is sufficient to have confidence that the release supports the non-functional criteria

Test coverage meets criteria

   b. Maintainers have reviewed all remaining open bugs and agree on severity/priority

No high priority bugs

  c. Zero high or highest priority bugs remain open

zero high priority bugs

  d. The preceding release candidate has been published for a minimum period of time of 2 weeks

v1.0.0 published on Apr 26th 2020

  e. The release should not require users/operators to compile code to operate the base project on supported platforms

Minor configuration required, build scripts provided and available repo Hyperledger Explorer docker repository.

  f. The documentation is sufficient to ensure that users/operators have clear guidance on how to get started and how to configure and operate.

Instruction provided in Run Hyperledger Explorer Using Docker
4The project has met all technical criteria for the release.

  a. The project has met all the criteria for CII Best Practices Badge Best Practices Badge

HLExplorer CII Best Practices

  b. A security audit provided by Hyperledger was completed

      i. no bugs that affect security of the system remain open unless they have mitigating workarounds published in release notesdone, by automatic scan

      ii. crypto code included in the release has been audited for crypto export complianceN/A

  c. A license scan was completed and all issues were resolved, including receiving an exception from the legal committee.


  d. Change log of all commits is generated and published.done

  e.  Release notes generated and published.done

Formal Proposal(s)

Hyperledger Explorer promoted release v1.0.0

Action Items

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  1. I have to admit not to understand why this is being put before the TSC. I didn't do a thorough side by side comparison but it looks like this is mostly a copy of Hyperledger Explorer major release v1.0.0 which was merely closed some while ago.

    As I previously explained (see my comments at the bottom of the page linked above), under the current (albeit not original) rules, the statement "HL Explorer needs a promoted release before graduating to active status" is wrong. It is the other way around. Only projects in Active status can have promoted releases. On the other hand projects in Incubation are free to have as many major releases as they want. And they don't need to ask TSC permission to do so.

    If anything, while I don't know whether the project fulfills the diversity criteria to qualify, the only thing the Explorer project could ask the TSC to consider next is a change of status to Active..

    I respectfully think this request needs to be withdrawn.

      1. So is this the real request - move to active status?

      2. The first row of the table reads: "HL Explorer needs a promoted release before graduating to active status". This is factually wrong.

        1. Hi Arnaud,

          Thank you so much for your comments. We understood this is not a valid request for a promoted release. Can we please withdraw this request? And can you guide us what needs to be done for an active status?

  2. For point #2, the original proposal said it was intended to create a shared/common explorer for Hyperledger (at the time, Sawtooth and Fabric). 

    Point #4.b talks about a security scan being provided by Hyperledger. I am not sure whether we decided that tools like Explorer would get the official security scan.