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OutcomeUse New TSC Decision Log page for summarizing all proposal statuses in combination with the new template
Minutes Link2019 10 31 TSC Minutes

Overview of Proposal

Determine the best way to capture decisions that have been made by the TSC.

Formal Proposal(s)

A new template will be created in the TSC space that contains the following:

  • Page Properties
    • Status - contains the status of the proposal valid values:
      • PROPOSED - specifies that discussion is underway
      • READY FOR VOTE - specifies that the proposal has been finalized and is ready for the TSC to vote
      • RESOLVED - specifies that a decision was made by the TSC
    • Outcome - captures what was decided
    • Minutes Link - provides a link to the minutes where the decision was made by the TSC. The minutes will have the vote result (e.g., unanimously approved)
  • Overview of Proposal - Contains an overview of what we are trying to solve with this proposal
  • Formal Proposal(s) - Contains the formal proposal(s) that the TSC will vote on
  • Reviewed By - Checkboxes for the TSC to reflect that they have looked at the proposal

A new page (TSC Decision Log) will be created where decisions will be captured. This page will also house all proposals (pending and closed) as subpages underneath it. The page will have a button that will be used to create new proposals from the template created above.

All subpages under Closed Topics will be moved to the TSC Decision Log page.

All subpages under the Pending Topics will be moved to the TSC Decision Log page.

All existing decision pages will be labeled correctly – decision label will be used to represent all proposals (regardless of status) and closed label will represent resolved proposals.

Action Items

  • Create template for generating new proposals
  • Create page for capturing all decisions (see TSC Decision Log)
  • Move Closed Topics subpages under TSC Decision Log
  • Move Pending Topics subpages under TSC Decision Log
  • Mark all existing "decision" pages with the "decision" label
  • Mark all resolved "decision" pages with the "closed" label
  • Modify all decision pages to have the page properties specified above
  • Modify the agenda template to pull backlog from pages that have a decision label, but not a closed label


  1. Confluence is pretty good at search. Now that we are recording minutes in the wiki, they become searchable. If we were consistent in how we record a motion and resolution, then we SHOULD be able to pull that out as a search.

    I did also notice that we are using the wiki more to conduct discussion, but we aren't recording the resolution on the discussion page. This seems to be another easy way to ensure that we are tying things up nicely. On the discussion page, add a link to the minutes in which the resolution was made.

    Something else I noticed is that the minutes include discussion (not very well, I might add). Best practice is to simply record motions and resolutions, and maybe discussion topics, but not try to capture the sense of the discussion, but rather leave that to the recording.

    1. I just tested out adding the "decisions" tag to a page, then using the tag as a query. Seems to work fairly well

  2. There is a great DACI decisions playbook that is provided free by Atlassian. You can install it and then you have a page that has all decisions (pending and closed). Each decision is a page that you can fill in with details.

    1. cool! we should give it a try

  3. Tracy Kuhrt Christopher Ferris As it turns out, that is built in to the system. Nothing to install. I created one from the "create" menu at the top.

    Example DACI decision

  4. Sorry if you both got a lot of updates. I am still trying to figure out how we can have two lists – one that has open decisions and one that has decisions that have been made. Confluence is sometimes great and sometimes lacking.

  5. There seems to be two different ways of creating a Decision Log that is built into Confluence:

    1. DACI Decision - Contains the following fields: Status, Impact, Driver, Approver, Contributors, Informed, Due date, Outcome

    2. Decision - Contains the following fields: Status, Stakeholders, Outcome, Due date, Owner

    I would suggest that we use Decision instead of DACI Decision, as the approver should always be the TSC. Driver = Owner and Contributors = Stakeholders. No Impact field in Decisions. Alternatively, we could create a TSC Decision Template that we could specify the fields (Status, Owner, Contributors, Due Date, Outcome)

  6. So, I'm open to trying techniques that would help getting a compendium of all the decisions easily but I find the built-in solutions too complicated. Is there a way to choose the fields we want to use?

    I'm totally in agreement with Chris that resolutions ought to be clearly marked. This is what I've done for the Lifecycle task force and I just did for the TSC topics we resolved.

    See TSC Co-chair/Vice-chair for example.

    1. There is a way. If you look at the top of the WG or project pages, there is a list of page properties. On the main page of the wiki, there is a macro that populates the list of projects and WGs based on the content found in the page properties finding the appropriate pages through a particular label on the page. We can do the same thing here with a pre-prepared template that we use for “decisions”. We could set up the template to have a set of page properties (status, date decision made, specific comment) that creates that page with a “decisions” label. Then use the same mechanism to create the table of decisions. Happy to set something up as an example if that helps to understand this better.