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OutcomeRejected. People interested in this topic are welcome to join the Greenhouse task force where this topic is regularly discussed. When the Greenhouse task force ends a task force focusing on the Contributor Experience will be created if needed.
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Overview of Proposal

Focused effort on contributor experience.

Formal Proposal(s)

Action Items

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    1. This blogpost is collaboration happening across different communities within Hyperledger.

      1. My mind went to this WG, as I know that the TSC is supposed to approve all working groups. I see now the blog post has named it the “Hyperledger Collaboration Working Group”. So not the same as this, but also not a WG we approved. Not that i think collaboration is a bad thing. Just wondering about naming/processes.

        1. Got it, I was unaware of this too until the blogpost.

        2. I brought up the issue during the call which is: "creating yet another working group to address the issue of collaboration is ironic". The group has changed  to address commonality between different projects, dropping the idea of a new working group. Please see the new page setup for cross WG/SIG collaboration. SIG Collaboration Task Force

  1. When is the next meeting of the task force? I was looking in the Hyperledger Calendar and can not find it. 

    1. Hi Bobbi Muscara

      The first meeting on this topic with the staff is scheduled in 30min. It is sent to you as a personal invite. I guess the public meetings are published once further detailing is done.

  2. I suggest this TSC group should join forces with the SIG Collaboration Task Force.

  3. I propose to reject this proposal to form a WG. This will rather be a Task Force to identify gaps and improve contributors experience. Any cross-collaboration henceforth will have a fixed lifetime, they exist as long as interested parties join hands towards achieving an end goal.