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Subject: Hyperledger TOC Election Call for Nominations

This year's Hyperledger Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) election will happen from November 1 to 14, 2023.

The election will include active maintainers of a Hyperledger project or lab who have nominated themselves to run as candidates – check to see if you are eligible to run if you are unsure.  The call for nominations opens on October 16 and this process will go through October 31 at the end of the day Pacific time.

To nominate yourself please create a nomination statement on the Hyperledger Github repo and include the following information: nominee name, short personal bio and a short personal pitch about why someone should consider voting for you.

If you have any questions about the election process, please feel free to write to


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  1. The email should also be clear that people can self nominate.

  2. In the past years, we have asked for a statement from the person that people can use to determine why someone is running, as well as, past contributions to the project. We should make sure that a statement is provided.

  3. Tracy Kuhrt can we solicit that statement during the week between nominations and the election when we confirm that they are eligible to run and that they want to run?