OutcomeQuarterly project reports to include relevant Insights data
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Overview of Proposal

We ought to leverage the LF Insights tool that we now have at our disposal to enhance reporting on activity in our projects. This proposal is to add a reference to the relevant data in the quarterly reports.

Formal Proposal(s)

Require projects to provide as part of their quarterly reports a direct link to the relevant Insights dashboard to make it easier for reviewers to get to that data. Links should follow the following template link for Fabric (i.e., name of project and time range will need to be set as appropriate):

The report template will be updated accordingly.

Action Items

  • Update report template
  • Communicate new requirement to maintainers
  • Report back to TSC on the details of implementation

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  1. It would be great if there is a way for us to automatically include this based on the project. Secondly, it would be good if we did not need to click on the link but rather used Confluence’s Include Page functionality

    1. Hi, Tracy. I agree; however, the target URLs are rapidly changing, so I didn't want to embed a link that would break soon. Once the URLs are stable, I'll add it.

    2. I totally agree with this.  And thanks Ry for the response!

  2. Is it possible to get a per-repo drill down?  For larger projects like fabric it would be interesting to see how the core vs the other items such as developer tooling, chaincode engines, and the website compares.

  3. If we capture a snapshot each quarter, it would be fairly trivial for the report author to also summarize the trend of a couple key metrics, e.g. number of commits and number of contributors for each of the last 4 quarters. This would demonstrate the project trend, without requiring all reviewers to click into each of the last 4 quarters. Alternatively, include a screenshot of the Insights generated trend line for the last 4 quarters, e.g.:

    1. Instead of looking at a snapshot of the analytics, I would prefer a sentence or two about what has changed in the project data for the quarter and the implications. The template could reflect the author/maintainers thoughts of any changes from those snapshots from quarter to quarter. 

  4. I am having difficulties in accessing from my machine. It appears to be the issue with the certificate used to serve the site. Would it be possible to get information on the adoption of the projects? This insight could be less relevant for core protocol projects and their SDKs. However, in case of library projects it could answer a lot of questions. To give an example, in case of rust there is a way to see reverse dependencies such as this for the Hyperledger Transact

      1. Thanks Ry for the new link. I believe it is still in transition.