Project Health

Everything is on track - Iroha 1 keeps maintained. Bugs are fixe, some smaller new features and refactoring are done. Iroha 2 is in very active development with a big team. Together with the Hyperledger Team we shared a survey that should help make good design decisions on certain features. 

Community is doing good, internships are done - just some small issues need to be fixed for releases. 

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos? Yes.
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos? Yes?

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No questions for now. 

Releases - Pre-release, need to have some small fixes done, such as tests. Also, Iroha Libraries releases are planned soon.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Communications are on track - questions are answered; there are plans for discussing plans for Iroha with active community members. Questions are replied (thanks to our community for a lot of help there!). About the technical accomplishments, here they are: 


Worked on fixing small issues and improved stability of Iroha for releasing it:

  1. Improved crash tolerance of the nodes; 
  2. Fixed memory issues;
  3. Run sequence of high-load tests with different network configurations. 


  1. Core maintainers team expanded
  2. All client libraries finished - now they will be periodically updated
  3. Introduced p2p library to increase performance
  4. Improved transaction gossiping
  5. Introduced metadata to entities in WSV
  6. Introduced Query Permissions

Current Plans


  1. Special Iroha mode: synchronising the nodes without taking part in consensus
  2. Improve processes for Multi-signature transactions and ordering service
  3. Customise cache for RocksDB


Near Future

  1. Actively preparing for the pre-release
  2. Longevity stand
  3. Stress testing

General Plans

  1. On chain Triggers functionality
  2. Transaction fees
  3. Staking for Sumeragi consensus

Maintainer Diversity

Most of the new people joined the Iroha 2 team: 

Marin Versic (@mversic), Sato (@s8sato), Aleksander Petrosyan (@appetrosyan) - all joined Soramitsu but represent a diverse international developers from all around the world. 

Contributor Diversity

We are happy to be working closely the last quarter with Grzegorz Bazior  and his team. Hopefully, we'll continue working on Iroha together.  

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