Project Health

Cactus continues to be a healthy project.  Our contributors continue to increase, as does the frequency of our updates (see our metrics, listed below, for more).  We have also increased our non-Accenture and Fujitsu contributors, which is a very positive sign going forward.  We continue to work with the teams from Yui and Weaver as well on wider Hyperledger interoperability.

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos? Yes.
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos?  Yes.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

We would like to begin the process of moving towards a v1.0 release for Cactus (we just released an RC1, in fact).  It doesn't appear that there are any rules in the TSC governing docs about this (other than naming conventions), although we clearly used to have them.  We expect to be in touch with the community architects and others about this in the not too distant future.

Other than this, we don't have any substantial issues.


We had a number of releases since our last report:

  • v0.6.0:  07/19
  • v0.7.0:  08/04
  • v0.8.0:  08/17
  • v0.9.0:  08/31
  • v0.10.0: 09/28
  • v1.0.0-rc1: 10/11

There is too much information for us to describe each release in detail, but you can see the summaries here:

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

There has been quite a bit of activity in the past quarter on Cactus.  We have had more and more contributors, and have continued to increase the features and blockchain support of Cactus.  

Some things the maintainers wanted to emphasize:

  1. We have a v1.0.0-rc1 release that just came out.  Check it out if you like!
  2. A WASM PoC has been finalized, and the PR is currently waiting on approval (edit:  it has approval now, but needs to be merged).  You can see it here ( if you like.

We have also been continuing collaborations with the other interop efforts in Hyperledger, and this is something we want to continue to emphasize.

Current Plans

We are currently working towards a v1.0 release, and this is probably the biggest goal (in terms of work) that we have in the near future.  In addition, we also want to work more closely with other interop efforts in Hyperledger and are putting in effort to do so.

In addition, for more precise plans, we encourage you to check out our ZenHub board or our extensive github issues list ( We have a solid tagging system in place that should let you sort by just about whatever you want to find types of issues that interest you.

Maintainer Diversity

We have had maintainer changes!

Shingo Fujimoto (Fujitsu) → Izuro Sato (Fujitsu).

We thank Fujimoto-san for his efforts on Cactus, and know that he will not be a stranger.

We are also planning on adding Jagpreet Singh Sasan (Accenture) as a maintainer, as he has been a prolific contributor and is interested in doing more.

Existing maintainers are Peter Somogyvari (Accenture), Takuma Takeuchi (Fujitsu), and Jonathan Hamilton (Accenture).

Contributor Diversity

We recommend the following for detailed contributor information: Thanks Ry!

Our contributor diversity has increased this quarter, and is trending in a positive direction.  

Additional Information

We don't have anything to say this time!  

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  1. You are right about the fact that we used to have requirements regarding the first major release but this was when it was tied to promotional and communication activities. It was now left to the discretion of each project to manage this and the staff and marketing people to deal with the communication aspect.

    1. Continuing the answer, here is the checklist information from CA if it helps First Major Release Checklist.

  2. David Boswell / Ry Jones : Are we still doing security scans for projects moving to 1.0? Can you work with the Hyperledger Cactus team on their move towards 1.0?