Prepared by Eugene (Yevgeniy) Yarmosh

Project Health

Avalon is healthy. We added a new maintainer this month who is focused on integration with Scone. This is also somewhat indicative of the team’s focus this quarter on designing for expanded integration options. This process also included engagement with several LF sister organizations e.g., Akraino, Alvarium and Confidential Compute Consortium. Most of our activity focused on design and roadmap planning with regard to those integration points as well as a fresh look at edge and cloud native computing models. Cloud native computing had been comprehended in the Avalon project plans, but it was not at the center of the Avalon deployment model.

LF Analytics for Q2-2021

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos? - Yes
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos? - No

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no issues for the TSC currently.


Last release was done in July 2020. No new releases have been done during 2021 Q2.

A release schedule should be updated as a part of the overall Avalon direction refinement.   

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

During this quarter the team decided to reevaluate overall projects to better comprehend importance of the edge and cloud native computing model. The activities during Q2/2021

  • Avalon plans update to better address needs of network and IoT edge, particularly for industrial edge and for financial industry
  • Engagement with LF Edge Alvarium project (in the formation stage). Avalon is a natural fit as “trust injection” technology for data governance  
  • Showcased Avalon demo at Hyperledger global conference 2021(virtual)
  • Restarted evaluation of a better alignment with Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) e.g., by maintain part of confidential computing functionally within CCC
  • Informed security architecture work for Akraino blueprints

Current Plans

The team is working towards release 0.7 that includes

  • Refine Avalon technical direction and plans with additional emphases on the edge
  • Integrate with K8S with emphasis on end-to-end ease of use
  • Complete scone runtime integration (including documentation and samples)
  • Update documentation, tutorials and examples
  • Establish ongoing relationships with relevant projects like Alvarium and Confidential Compute Consortium  

Maintainer Diversity

The team welcomes Mujtaba Idrees from T-Systems as a new Avalon maintainer. He is initial focus is on adding Scone as a supported SGX runtime to Avalon project.

Contributor Diversity

No changes to the contributors list in this quarter.

Additional Information

None at this time.

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  1. While the engagement with the CCC and Alvarium and the new maintainer seem promising, it appears that the number of commits and contributors have significantly declined this past quarter from prior quarters (74 commits this past quarter with 2 contributors from April to June 2021). Is the Avalon team planning on implementing any initiatives to grow its community this quarter? Is there anything the TSC can do to help?

    1. Yes, this our plan is to recruit contributors via cooperation with CCC on one side and LF Edge projects on another side. We see that Avalon fits nicely in cloud native computing at the (smart) edge with strong micro-service isolation requirements. We may come back to TSC after we flesh out some details.