Hyperledger Iroha

Project Health

Currently, there are 2 teams working on Iroha - Iroha v1 and Iroha v2. Iroha 1 team is less active and mostly works on providing and maintaining a stable 1.2 version, fixing some issues with the release while team Iroha 2 is actively working on creation of the newer version. Community is active and appropriate, we are happy to have contributors who help the new users to resolve any difficulties with using Iroha. 

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos? Not yet, will do
  2. Have you implemented repolinter.json in all your reposNot yet, will do

Questions/Issues for the TSC

Are there any newsletters we could subscribe to to learn about important TSC solutions without following all the discussions in TSC group?

What are the due dates for renaming the master branch and adding repoliner?


HL Iroha v1.2

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

For Iroha 1: 

We worked to release 1.2 and now to stabilise it as well as possible. 

  1. With the help from developers we fixed several stability issues when network is slow and some peers are disconnected
  2. Improved performance by optimising some sql scripts
  3. Improving Iroha to migrate between different versions with as minimum downtime as possible
  4. Working on switching to KV database that expected to bring huge performance boost

For Iroha 2: 

  1. Introduced Permissions model
  2. Introduced Multisignature accounts and transactions
  3. Developed MVP of client library in Java
  4. Simplified network startup with genesis block
  5. Multiple usability improvements and bug fixes

We kept our bi-weekly community calls going - some of the interesting presentations are in our wiki. 

Current Plans

Iroha 1 plans:

  1. Finish version migration feature
  2. Introduce KV database
  3. Replace rxcpp dependency with custom subscription engine

Overall, we plan to stay on the same path: stabilising and improving Iroha v1, maintain it and work on Iroha v2's new features. We want to keep the communication with our amazing contributors and help others use Iroha for their projects. Hopefully, we will also be able to make some interesting content about how to use Iroha. 

Maintainer Diversity

One new Rust developer for Iroha 2 project - Ivan Rybin. 

Sonoko Mizuki is an independent contributor maintainer to Iroha 2

Contributor Diversity team is still contributing a lot into Iroha, as well as Baziorek. Also, please see maintainer diversity regarding this. 

Additional Information

Nothing special at the moment. 

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    1. I tried a few times to open the link but it is only infinitely loading. Could you please clarify if I am doing something wrong and what does this link leads to? Should I wait a little more (it's been loading for about 10 minutes now)?

      upd: not working from Germany but US VPN helped (wink) 

      1. I face similar issue in India. Another issue that I face is that it expects me to login sometimes.

      2. That is incredibly weird.  I have no idea why it would be geographically restricted, but oh well.

  1. Answering the questions

    1. We would love to have project maintainers attend the TSC meetings. But we have this as an open question. Solutions could be meeting recordings, mailing list subscription, regular meeting, Rocket.Chat all of which are great for healthy community.
    2. 2 quarters from now.
  2. Just a curious question: The summary that states V1 team and V2 team is interesting. Are those two different protocol implementation in V1 and V2, or is it a major breaking change? I would be interested in Iroha team presenting to the TSC (smile)

    1. Hello Arun! 

      I am extremely sorry I missed today's meeting and it is totally my fault and not the team's - I usually present each update personally. I am ready to answer all the questions here though, or on the next meeting if there is time. 

      Regarding the 2 teams - yes, Iroha v2 is on Rust which was welcomed by the community, so it makes sense to have 2 teams. 

      We could present this on one of the next meetings, if you like (smile) 

      1. Thank you (smile) I will look forward to it. If there is a video available I am happy to go through it as well.

  3. FYI, we discussed your questions on the TSC call and I can offer the following info:

    1. The volume of email on the TSC list is actually quite low and shouldn't create a barrier for anyone to follow but as far as resolutions are concerned the best is to check the records of the meetings and the decision log.
    2. As Arun pointed out, this was set to the second quarter but we're still working on the details on implementing the repolinter resolution.
    1. Hello Arnaud and thank you!

      I tried to follow the email list but I missed the solution regarding the renaming of the branches, that is why I thought that maybe there is some sort of a newsletter with critical level information for the projects.