Project Health

Health is OK. The project is following the plan to focus on the new architecture design and code implementation.

We have retired one maintainer and have a new one.

  1. Finished the  docker-base API agent.
  2. Working on the API Engine design and implementation.


The project is seeking for more front end developers to help on the dashboard. Currently we have only one active developer that knows front-end skills.


Still working on v1.0.0 (In plan)

  • New API-Engine based on the distributed governing model;
  • Support fabric  2.2 LTS;

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

This quarter, we mainly have been focusing on the new archtecture design work.

  • Finished the  docker base agent.
  • Started the API Engine implementation.

Current Plans

Finish the new API EngineHigh

User dashboard

Enable Medium

Maintainer Diversity

1 maintainer is retired, and 1 new maintainer joined. Current there are 4 maintainers, and those active developers who contribute to cello continuously (3 month) will be nominated. 

  • Baohua Yang (Oracle)
  • Haitao Yue (YiJianTianShu Technology)
  • Tong Li (IBM)
  • Qiang Xu (H3C)

Contributor Diversity

This quarter, we have new active members including Qiang Xu, Yang Feng and Shihong Zhao, who wish to make more contributions.

Additional Information

Insights from Jan 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021 can be found at Cello stats for last quarter.

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    1. appears to be a private repository. Would it help to attract more developers if the development happens in Hyperledger Labs?
    2. Would you like to also make use of platform provided by Hyperledger, make proposal pitches like the way Blockchain Automation Framework in Hyperledger Labs did to increase the contributor count?