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Working Group

Technical Working Group China (TWGC)

Working Group Health

 In general, we consider TWGC healthy and active during last quarter. It has formed 3 sigs focusing on various areas and hosted 28 online meetups since March.

Questions/Issues for the TSC


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

2021 TWGC Chair Election

Yang Cheng (new)

David Liu (returning)

Jay Guo (returning)


Fabric v2.2.0 documents Chinese translation finished about 80%


Weekly meeting hosted 14 times

We talked about some paper about the performance of Fabric, summarized a mind map and ideas how to optimize

Tools developed for Fabric performance test:

Tape: A lightweight Fabric performance test tool. Project url:

Probe: A tool to visualize the impact of block-cutting factors on Fabric performance. Project url:

sub-group-gm (China National Cryptographic Standards)

Weekly meeting hosted 18 times

5 actively maintained crypto-suite (3 in golang, 1 in java, 1 in nodejs) along with continuous libraries interopt testing project

Fabric-RFC in review

Analysis of "Technical Security Specifications for Financial Distributed Ledgers" is in Beta preview.

Event Organization

From March to September, we hosted 28 online webinars on zoom, 20+ members and some community contributors share their technology, usage cases and experience with communities, 8000+ audiences watched live presents and 12 thousands of playback videos.

Planned Work Products

Fabric RFC for modular crypto support

Introduce more Hyperledger projects other than Fabric into local community

Online and face-to-face meetups

Participant Diversity

Diversity of TWGC has been steady - members participating in activities are from various companies (big and small)

Additional Information


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  1. I take it the SIGs are meant to be subgroups of the TWGC focusing on different topics, is that right?

    What does "GM" stand for in "Fabric RFC for GM support"?

    1. that's correct, sigs are sub-groups within TWGC.

      GM = China National Cryptographic Standards

      (it's the abbreviation of Guo Mi, pinyin version of this cryptographic standards. We are using GM instead of proper English text since it's used mostly in local context and much more prevalent)

      cc Arnaud J Le Hors

      1. Ok, that's what I suspected but thanks for clarifying.

  2. Re: Tools developed for Fabric performance test

    The projects listed under here are great for the larger community as a whole. TWGC can consider recommending space under Hyperledger Labs for these projects. It will give bigger exposure and attract like minded folks to contribute. These repositories in addition to the projects placed under are examples of great contributions. This was also brought up during the TSC meeting. I would join Tracy Kuhrt and extend my support/sponsorship to such initiatives.