HL Iroha

Project Health

Everything seems to be in order. After the previous quarter that was slow and somehow disorganized, we are now back on track with the project and releases. Community is doing good. We are waiting for the interns to arrive and work with us on new integration projects. We receive and answer questions in community chats, so everything is OK on that front. Development is doing better with new PM - Vadim Reutskiy . A patch release was made, a bigger release to come. 

Questions/Issues for the TSC

1) Is it possible to send those project update notifications a little in advance? It takes a few days to prepare (best case scenario - not working on then during weekends) and a few days for TSC to read them through? 

2) Maintainers policy? That seems to be a question TSC is discussing – will it be a general policy for every project or can we create our own? 

3) Code of conduct - should there be a separate file with a link to HL Wiki, or no link or file?


Release 1.1.2 - 23rd of March 2020

Release 1.1.3 - 6th of April 2020

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

A lot of development is going on:

  • Due to some changes in HL Burrow we could not finish its integration yet, but hope to in the next 2 weeks, and after that we will have our release.
  • There are new features like Executor ITF, preparations for peer-to-peer TLS, new API components, as well as bug fixes.
  • People come to chats to ask about how to build or run Iroha and receive replies, we do our best to help.
  • We are proud of our community - people are kind to each other and treat each other with respect, although we had an incident with one person who was rude but it did not lead to any further conflict.
  • Mikhail Boldyrev went to HGF and did a great video about Iroha. 

Current Plans

We plan a new release – 1.2 to be released in about 2-4 weeks, this time based on the latest sprint planning, so the estimates should be accurate. Also, there is a preliminary development of Iroha 2.0 have been started. Hence, we have many ideas and features ahead of us.

Maintainer Diversity

Nikita Puzankov

Egor Ivkov

Kamill Gusmanov

Contributor Diversity

We have a few individual contributions, like this (we also expect another one like this one soon). We do not have a diverse list of contributors, but we do our best to welcome people who are willing to join. Hopefully, new maintainers policy would encourage some to join us on a more regular basis. 

Additional Information

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