Project Health

Ursa is growing in adoption in projects, its feature offering, and contributor diversity. We have released three more versions since last update.

Questions/Issues for the TSC


v0.3.0 Dec 5 2019

v0.3.1 Jan 22 2020

v0.3.2 Feb 10 2020

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Added key exchange for Curve25519 and K256
  • Allowed more methods over FFI
  • Allowed more methods over WASM
  • Adjusted how features can be included to be more flexible

Current Plans

  • Add ECIES encryption
  • Add signatures and key exchange for P224, P256, P384, P521
  • Implement more FFI for zmix
  • Finish designing hardware API
  • Implement CDLNT signatures (allows threshold based issuance and verification)
  • Add pw_hash methods
  • Implement Simplified SWU hash-to-curve

Maintainer Diversity

Current active maintainers

  • Mike Lodder (Sovrin Foundation)
  • Lovesh Harchandani (Evernym Inc.)
  • Brent Zundel (Evernym Inc.)
  • Dave Huseby (Linux Foundation)
  • Hart Montgomery (Fujitsu)
  • Dan Middleton (Intel)
  • Cam Parra (Kiva)
  • Dan Anderson (Intel)
  • Jon Geater (Jitsuin)

Contributor Diversity

Our contributor list has been relatively static, although we are optimistic of adding new contributors in the near future (e.g., for hardware support).

Current Contributors

  • Sovrin Foundation
  • Evernym, Inc
  • Intel
  • BCGov
  • Iqlusion
  • Jitsuin
  • Fujitsu

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  1. What projects are using Ursa?

    1. Indy and Aries actively use Ursa.  Ursa also currently supports Iroha and Transact.

      1. Hart Montgomery sounds like a good blog post on HL interoperability? (wink) Would you or someone else be willing to write that up? 

        1. I think Mike Lodder Mike Lodder would be the person best suited for this–he knows more about the interfaces than I do!