Project Health

Stable, minimal feature work since last report. Outreach on Rocket.Chat and GitHub reasonably active, however no new code contributors.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

Promotion of Burrow in previous quarter has not improved contribution diversity, further suggestions are welcome.


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Bug fixes in response to user issues and various library upgrades.
  • Re-write of client JS lib in TypeScript. [#1318]

Current Plans


  • Introduce new 'proxy' tooling to improve security - i.e. no more 'mempool signing'.
  • Implement and test eWASM support.
  • Work on cross-calls between EVM, eWASM and Natives.
  • Experimental Cosmos IBC support.

Maintainer Diversity

No new maintainers. However, one recent departure from Monax has retained maintainer status. Therefore we have 3 internal and 3 external maintainers.

Contributor Diversity

No new contributors.

Additional Information


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