Hyperledger Quilt

Project Health

Project health over Q4 has been very good. We had three releases this quarter (see below) and added two new contributors (see below).


No blocking issues. Currently in-scope are Github issues labelled as v1.0.3.


Quilt had three releases in Q4:

  • Quilt v1.0.0: Our first production-ready release. Blog announcement here
  • Quilt v1.0.1: Fixed minor bugs and enhanced developer experience (e.g., BOM dependency support)
  • Quilt v1.0.2: Minor enhancements to more efficiently support ILP addresses and authentication.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Activity over the past quarter was strong. We released a production-ready 1.0 version of the library that has had two backwards-compatible patch-releases. We are in the process of deploying the library in a production system and will feedback any enhancements, bugs or issues into the project.

Current Plans

We are currently planning another patch release near the end of January (v1.0.3). We are also tracking lower-priority features for a v1.1, but no targeted release date has been set. In Q1 2020, we anticipate one or two more patch releases, including v1.0.3.

Maintainer Diversity

Maintainer diversity is unchanged with three people full-time maintaining the project. While our technical diversity is strong, we are all funded by the same company, so from this perspective diversity is low.

Contributor Diversity

Contributor diversity is essentially unchanged. One additional contributor from Ripple/Xpring was added to the project in December, 2019, which was offset by a new contributor from an unaffiliated entity. Otherwise, contributions are also coming from a developer at the University of Washington as well as the maintainers. 

Additional Information

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