Hyperledger Transact -

Project Health

Health is good. There is a surprising level of interest in the project; we expected less interest as a library project, but are glad to the interest is high, which is encouraging for library projects in general. There are ongoing planning discussions about the path to support Transact by the various projects, including Fabric, Sawtooth, and Grid.


No issues currently.


Since project creation, the project has had 6 releases. The current release is 0.1.5. The releases are available on

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Much of the activity in the past quarter has focused on project setup and incremental improvements to the initial code base. The primary method of discussion is RocketChat.

Current Plans

Next steps include:

  • Add network transport support for smart contract engines (with transaction processor compatibility)
  • Add Go SDK support (for smart contract engines and client batch/transaction creation)
  • Expand Fabric integration details and support

Maintainer Diversity

The maintainer diversity currently matches that of the initial project sponsor companies.

There has been additional interest in contributing to the Go SDK, which may lead to additional maintainers.

Contributor Diversity

Similar to maintainer diversity, since active contributors are likely to become maintainers at this early stage.

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  1. I'm getting feedback that it is difficult to get engaged. I also have been unable to find any documentation that really articulates more than general technical detail of how it is intended to be integrated into DLTs. Also, have not found the set of development items (JIRAs or GH issues) that a n00b could start work on.

    1. A good path to get engaged is RocketChat #transact. Fleshing out JIRA issues is a great idea.

      The JIRA backlog, which we could flesh out some more, is here -

  2. I'm a bit surprised by the high number of releases. What is driving this rate? I couldn't easily find release notes that would tell me what each new release brings. Is that available somewhere?

    1. The projects using the Rust library "libtransact" as a component are using the published versions off of, which requires that we do releases. As a library project, we expect a higher rate of point releases than the higher-order projects.